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Shekhar Gupta

Shekhar Gupta

Shekhar Gupta

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  • Agnipath, fire and misfire

    18-06-2022 09:30:00

    Modi govt's biggest flaw has been its disinclination to accept limitations of electoral majorities. This ruined land acquisition and farm reform, and stalled labour codes

  • The great damager

    11-06-2022 09:30:00

    Dictator Musharraf badly damaged Pakistan: Assassination of Benazir, 26/11 attacks in India and the US Navy SEALs raid that killed Osama in Abbottabad. But he believed he was a democrat

  • Kashmir, past continuous

    04-06-2022 09:30:00

    Modi government's Kashmir policy has been a success in changing the status of the state and redefining what remains negotiable

  • It's India's time, again

    28-05-2022 09:30:00

    The global order is up in the air and India is being wooed by all. It opens up possibilities unimaginable until recently on economic, strategic and military issues

  • Mandir, masjid, truth, reconciliation

    21-05-2022 09:30:00

    That temples were destroyed and mosques built is undisputed history. The past can't be changed, but we can't deny the wrongs of the past, either, before we consider reconciliation

  • A car called Congress

    14-05-2022 09:30:00

    The only way forward for Congress is to create something new. Not in the image of the glorious past like the Ambassador, but a brand new product looking at the future

  • As alternatives to the Congress emerge, the BJP ought to be worried

    07-05-2022 09:30:00

    BJP's one main old rival is declining across the country, and it's being replaced by new noisier, sharper, more populist and ruthless challengers

  • Mutually assured detention

    30-04-2022 09:30:00

    Non-BJP chief ministers are retaliating. If Centre can use its agencies to threaten, intimidate and jail its rivals, so can they. Fightback has become an established pattern and will get more intense

  • Secular Islamophobia

    23-04-2022 09:30:00

    BJP's political bulldozer has crushed the political skills and imagination of its rivals into rubble. It's made them Islamophobic in that they'd rather not identify with Muslims in any visible way

  • 'Vishwaguru' in the mirror

    16-04-2022 09:30:00

    India of BJP-RSS so covets rights to sermonise to the world. But does our present conform to brilliant past? Can we aspire for that moral stature if we respond to criticism with prickly whataboutery?

  • Clash within civilisations

    09-04-2022 09:30:00

    The world has changed in a manner nobody had imagined. Definitely not those who imagined that people need to be divided by religion, culture, civilisational differences to go to war with each other

  • Karnataka, you have a problem

    02-04-2022 09:30:00

    BJP's politics is threatening to rob Karnataka of social cohesion, harmony and an inclusive culture, so necessary for entrepreneurship that builds start-ups worth billions and fuels growth of a nation

  • Self-interest policy

    26-03-2022 09:49:00

    It is naive to expect nations to let their strategic choices be determined by morality. Nations act only in their own interests. All else comes later

  • Our many forgotten files

    19-03-2022 09:30:00

    It is ridiculous that The Kashmir Files debate has become trapped in questions like how many Kashmiri Pandits were killed

  • Cows, bulls, jobs, caste

    05-03-2022 09:30:00

    Caste is back and joblessness is the new nationalism and religion. This UP election is a more 'normal' and fiercely contested one after three walkovers