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Shreekant Sambrani

Shreekant Sambrani

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  • Atmanirbharata's white knight

    13-07-2020 21:54:00

    Milk production and dairy processing are not in the least dependent on Chinese inputs, nor are they likely to face a competitive threat from that direction any time soon

  • Getting the growth back?

    09-06-2020 01:02:00

    It would be a major miracle if the economy does not contract this year

  • The America I knew

    06-06-2020 01:20:00

    A wave of protests and violence has erupted in the United States following the death of an African-American, George Floyd, in Minneapolis

  • The stimulus that wasn't

    18-05-2020 23:07:00

    The bulk of Ms Sitharaman's proposals addressed supply problems, with only occasional and cursory references to demand, mostly as an afterthought

  • Waiting for Godot

    11-05-2020 23:42:00

    Experts say that the curve is not yet flattening and the peak may occur as late as mid-August

  • Mr Modi's mojo

    13-04-2020 23:39:00

    Coronavirus has occasioned us to see how copious Mr Modi's mojo bag is

  • Withdrawal symptoms

    11-04-2020 01:18:00

    Newspapers were an inseparable part of our growing up, and not just English papers, but those in local languages as well

  • Successions, values and loyalties

    09-03-2020 22:50:00

    Most organisations have identified career development paths for their star performers.

  • Marathons, but no winners

    10-02-2020 23:49:00

    In this season of heightened awareness of a functional democracy, we need to realise that the travesty of Budgetary accountability is yet another step in the direction of citizens' disempowerment

  • Quo vadis, Modi 2.0?

    14-01-2020 00:10:00

    Some of the criticism is sheer hyperbole, calling the present turmoil India's second struggle for Independence

  • IRMA: Relevance @ 40

    10-12-2019 00:20:00

    Unlike crop cultivation, most farmers now see dairying as an enterprise, says the author

  • India's mood = Moody's India?

    12-11-2019 01:59:00

    Economic bad news has been trickling in since the beginning of 2019, but was buried under the nationalistic election rhetoric

  • The onion enigma

    07-10-2019 23:16:00

    Unfortunately, both the perception and prescriptions offered are shrouded in myths, which need to be deconstructed to know one's onions

  • Modi 2.0: Baptism by (economic) fire

    10-09-2019 00:37:00

    Modi 2.0 certainly matched Roosevelt's despatch in managing legislative affairs in its early days

  • Will Modi magic work, this time in Kashmir?

    12-08-2019 23:35:00

    He has staked it all on the Jammu and Kashmir decision. He may well succeed, since fortune favours not only the brave but, at times, the reckless as well