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Shuma Raha

Shuma Raha

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  • Covid's toll on women

    05-06-2020 21:03:00

    The lockdown has seen a sharp spike in the incidence of domestic violence, and Listen to Her, a crisp, seven-minute film, shot at Das's own home, mainly draws attention to it

  • Death, but not by Covid

    01-05-2020 20:36:00

    The death of two iconic actors in quick succession would have been a terrible tragedy at the best of times. But this is the worst of times

  • The writ of the RWAs

    10-04-2020 20:28:00

    Many RWAs and associations of urban dwellers across the country are assuming powers they do not possess and behaving like tinpot dictators

  • The world after Covid-19

    27-03-2020 20:24:00

    Can we beat this virus and reclaim our world?

  • The illiberal liberals

    13-03-2020 21:56:00

    Feminism is an offshoot of liberal values. Sadly, in the new climate of hyper wokeness, it is beginning to seem as rigid and intolerant as the illiberal social instincts it rose up against

  • A victory for #MeToo

    28-02-2020 21:13:00

    Harvey Weinstein's indictment is a landmark event for the #MeToo movement

  • Equality at home

    14-02-2020 21:09:00

    The march for the equality of the sexes seems to fall apart at the family hearth

  • Harmonies of Basant

    31-01-2020 20:52:00

    Sadly, there is no messiah of tolerance today who speaks the language of universal love

  • Deepika's acid test

    17-01-2020 20:55:00

    The vitriol against Padukone, who is a hugely popular star, will fade over time. But let's not forget what caused it

  • The audacity of hope

    03-01-2020 21:15:00

    The protests over citizenship will continue to reverberate, and they will likely change India in more ways than we can imagine today

  • Surviving rape

    13-12-2019 21:01:00

    The fight against sexual violence is also about supporting and enabling survivors so they can overcome their trauma

  • Diss and be damned

    29-11-2019 21:13:00

    When a basic food item galvanised the masses to rise against an empire

  • Sabarimala once more

    15-11-2019 21:54:00

    Social justice and progressive social reforms are never a walk in the park

  • Tilting at Tipu

    01-11-2019 22:26:00

    The question is, does propaganda and distorted narratives about the nation serve the interests of the state?

  • Social networks are transforming the way we mourn our dead

    18-10-2019 21:00:00

    Facebook is best suited for memorialising a deceased person's virtual personality, says the author