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Shuma Raha

Shuma Raha

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  • Wives who defend

    17-11-2018 02:33:00

    In the real world, the spectacle of a wife sticking up for a husband who faces allegations of sexual misconduct invariably evokes scorn

  • The fragility of faith

    02-11-2018 21:57:00

    India does not have a blasphemy law that is as draconian as the one in Pakistan

  • 'Main bhi' movie star

    19-10-2018 22:13:00

    Today, everyone can be a glittering star in the glamorous movies of their lives

  • In Durga's image

    05-10-2018 21:20:00

    This Durga Puja perhaps we could send up a prayer for more such enlightened judgments so the law can set women free wherever they are in chains

  • Schools for scandal

    21-09-2018 23:47:00

    Despite a slew of tough laws against rape, why do we repeatedly encounter an institutional reluctance to call it out?

  • Serena and sexism

    15-09-2018 00:13:00

    So were Ms Williams and her apologists right in insisting that her penalty, and hence her mighty temper tantrum while she was being outplayed, had to do with gender inequity?

  • Living with AI

    07-09-2018 22:17:00

    To be up close with the power and potential of AI can also be slightly unnerving

  • Angry gods

    24-08-2018 23:30:00

    What Gurumurthy was referring to was the plea in the Supreme Court challenging the ban on the entry of women of menstruating age to Kerala's Sabarimala temple

  • Rule of the wild

    10-08-2018 22:03:00

    When they are upon you and around you - menacing and feral and grinning because they know their power?

  • Age of unreason

    27-07-2018 22:36:00

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines anti-intellectualism as hostility to intellectual reasoning. This is exactly what we are witnessing in India now

  • The law is an ass

    13-07-2018 22:55:00

    When will we stop hearing these homilies about the 'sanctity of marriage'?

  • Bring on the lust

    29-06-2018 22:16:00

    Lust Stories scores because it offers vignettes of reality in the lives of modern Indian women

  • Call of the beard

    16-06-2018 01:13:00

    The world would be an awfully boring place if most men went around with facial hair, says the author

  • Victory in Ireland

    02-06-2018 00:39:00

    Those who campaign against abortions say that they speak for the unborn child

  • Wanted: Real feminist men

    18-05-2018 22:29:00

    Schneiderman's monumental hypocrisy, his rotten double life as a public feminist and a private misogynist, reminded me of another expose