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Shyamal Majumdar

Shyamal Majumdar

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  • Paytm's missing link

    20-01-2022 00:13:00

    Macquarie Capital has also expressed its concerns on the consistent reduction in the ticket size of Paytm's loans

  • When leaders are hypocrites

    11-01-2022 10:42:00

    A lot of CEOs draw up rules for others, but keep themselves exempt

  • The never-ending love for cash

    15-12-2021 23:50:00

    This acceptance of and active participation in corruption by citizens has been costly

  • 'Me' versus 'we' culture for productive teamwork

    10-12-2021 12:03:00

    Before breaking the bank to recruit superstars, companies should first decide what goal they are trying to achieve.

  • Cloud over conglomerates

    17-11-2021 23:46:00

    A related problem in conglomerates is a complex web of crossholdings of shares among subsidiary and associate companies

  • Good leaders don't pass the buck

    10-11-2021 11:14:00

    Virat Kohli was no longer able to stand the heat, so it's good that he got out of the kitchen

  • Zee-Invesco: Disclosure in instalments

    21-10-2021 00:05:00

    By Invesco's own admission, its role was that of a "facilitator" in the proposed deal between RIL and Zee

  • Human Factor: Pushback on withdrawal of 'work from home'

    09-10-2021 08:06:00

    The debate over whom to bring back to office, when and for how long has become complicated

  • Infy should have listened to Mr Murthy

    15-09-2021 22:55:00

    There is no denying that Infosys must take a major part of the blame for the problem

  • CoCs need best practices code

    18-08-2021 22:34:00

    'The delay in insolvency case resolution is another problem area where CoCs need to play a more proactive role', says the author

  • Irrational exuberance over Zomato

    19-07-2021 22:28:00

    Zomato is essentially a "concept stock" because it has neither made profits, nor has issued any guidance on ever getting to profitability, notes Shyamal Majumdar

  • Long wait for the next flight to Dominica

    16-06-2021 23:33:00

    Efforts by India to get back Mr Choksi will depend to a large extent on the response to the request for his repatriation from Dominica

  • Games promoters play

    27-05-2021 22:28:00

    If a promoter knows that he can afford not to repay loans and buy back his company in the bankruptcy court at a discount with a reduced debt burden, he has a strong incentive to drive his firm aground

  • States must share the blame

    29-04-2021 23:46:00

    Many state govts were taken to the cleaners by high courts for doing next to nothing to prepare for the devastating second wave of the coronavirus pandemic

  • Where China is only a notch above India

    16-03-2021 23:21:00

    India and China seem united in gender discrimination