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Shyamal Majumdar

Shyamal Majumdar

Managing Editor

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  • The workplace will change forever

    07-05-2020 00:28:00

    Workstation areas can no longer have the crowded cafe feel as proximity may no longer seem so tempting

  • Making WFH work

    30-04-2020 22:38:00

    Despite their reservations, companies must frame clear guidelines for the new normal

  • Industry shutdown must end

    10-04-2020 01:18:00

    Industry must be allowed to resume operations in areas other than the identified hotspots with proper safety guidelines in place as soon as possible

  • Fear of the unknown

    02-04-2020 23:00:00

    Covid-19's impact on mental health can be huge

  • Need of the hour

    19-03-2020 22:00:00

    Telecommuting can only be a temporary solution as the more people work apart, the less they work together

  • Hiring, the Welch way

    05-03-2020 21:01:00

    The CEO of CEOs used the "4Es and 1P" principle to recruit a winning team

  • Deregulate large-scale philanthropy

    28-02-2020 00:20:00

    The purpose and performance of these companies do not demonstrate that any one class, on a secular basis, is superior or inferior in these respects.

  • Death in a deep sewer

    06-02-2020 21:46:00

    One sanitation worker dies every five days, but compensation is mostly denied

  • Three-day weekend

    09-01-2020 21:12:00

    Even Sanna Marin wants it to remain a statement of aspiration

  • Majority vs minority cliffhanger

    02-01-2020 00:04:00

    The NCLAT judgment has surely dented Mr Tata's reputation as he has been asked to 'desist' from interfering in the affairs of the group

  • Year of gig workers

    26-12-2019 19:56:00

    India Inc must have robust on-boarding systems in place

  • Swimming against the tide

    12-12-2019 20:20:00

    Michael Phelps showed why leaders should get comfortable with being uncomfortable

  • India Inc has never spoken up

    05-12-2019 00:19:00

    The tradition continues even today. But no purpose would be served by abusing those who speak out

  • Why job losses are inevitable in IT

    28-11-2019 21:18:00

    Firms have to move from just scale to building a smaller, more specialised talent pool

  • Puzzling silence: Why has Narayana Murthy not spoken a word on Infosys?

    31-10-2019 21:00:00

    While Murthy was relentless in his criticism of the erstwhile company board and its CEO for not disclosing information to shareholders, his silence this time has been deafening