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Sumant Sinha

Sumant Sinha

Sumant Sinha

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  • Lessons from Ukraine crisis

    16-03-2022 23:58:00

    It's time to cushion India from the same 'oil shock' story

  • A must-surge year for climate goals

    06-01-2022 00:02:00

    India has just crossed 100 GW of renewable capacity, leaving us around 350 GW to install to hit 450 GW

  • It takes two to tango

    07-04-2021 22:52:00

    A successful US-India climate partnership marked by techno-financial assistance to pursue carbon neutrality can set a template for the rest of the world

  • An opportunity to transform economy

    30-05-2019 21:39:00

    The clouds hanging over the global economy due to the US-China trade war and the slowing domestic economy make it imperative for the government to consider a sizeable stimulus in its first Budget

  • When vision meets reality

    25-05-2018 05:57:00

    India has already crossed an installed capacity of 70 Gw of renewables - surpassing the previous administration's 2022 targets four years ahead of time

  • Sumant Sinha: Degrees of urgency

    03-05-2014 21:49:00

    As a new govt takes charge shortly, it will be expected to revive economic growth, fix inflation, bring down interest rates, and tackle unemployment