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Sumita Kale

Sumita Kale

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  • Creating a place for poetry in business

    17-04-2019 00:54:00

    Entrepreneurs now require fewer mandays, fewer documents and fewer trees annually to start a business

  • Sumita Kale: Time to move beyond the numbers game

    15-09-2016 21:47:00

    Jan-Dhan Yojana has made a significant contribution in changing the paradigm of financial inclusion in India. The focus should now shift to the challenges ahead and how financial inclusion can play a

  • Sumita Kale: Jan-Dhan not perfect, but its progress is laudable

    04-05-2016 21:47:00

    The government scheme has a long way to go before its ultimate goals of universal financial inclusion and financial literacy are achieved. Yet by raising awareness and providing access to the full ran

  • Sumita Kale: Don't undermine the strides made by Jan-Dhan

    03-05-2016 21:47:00

    Paucity of information regarding the progress of financial inclusion in India has been a major challenge. The situation is now changing, with data being made available online, says the writer in the f

  • Probir Roy & Sumita Kale: Is big always best?

    19-02-2015 21:46:00

    Ideally a government should not try to shape and create markets. It should aim for minimal and efficient regulation that ensures a competitive, level playing field for all players and emphasises to consumer protection. It should create an ...