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Sunanda K Datta-Ray

Sunanda K Datta-Ray

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  • A royal challenge for India

    09-11-2018 22:34:00

    The country was monarchical from the beginning and the monarchy became absolute when a woman became the only man in the cabinet

  • The state of India's roti, kapada aur makaan

    26-10-2018 22:35:00

    When 17 million Indians seek their fortune abroad it only means people are losing faith in the ability of the government to honour its promises

  • Why Rahul Gandhi is wrong

    12-10-2018 23:21:00

    The thousands of men and women fleeing Gujarat with bundles and bedding rolls are holiday makers, seeking a festive break during Dussehra

  • About 'termites' and Donald Trump

    28-09-2018 21:33:00

    Where would Trump have been if his parents, grandparents and wives too had rejected the ideology of globalism and embraced the doctrine of patriotism?

  • Have money, will spend

    14-09-2018 22:53:00

    The future belongs to the Indian billionaire who advertised for a dozen servants to cater to his teenage daughter during her four years as a student at a Scotland University

  • The dilemma of Northern Ireland

    31-08-2018 23:06:00

    Today, Northern Ireland will have been without a government for 593 days because Protestants and Catholics can't agree on the terms of cooperation

  • Fake news is nothing new

    17-08-2018 23:20:00

    The ultimate was surely Yudhishthira's immortal "Aswathama hatha...", followed by a whispered "iti narova kunjarova..."

  • Why Modi must caution his friend 'Bibi'

    03-08-2018 23:10:00

    With protests and the Knesset split over Netanyahu's new law reiterating that Israel is a monocultural country, it can't be called a unanimous expression of the national will

  • The great British optimism

    21-07-2018 06:00:00

    From sports to diplomacy, trade to warfront - the British 'ability' to proclaim victory in the jaws of defeat is unique

  • Neighbour's envy, owner's pride

    07-07-2018 05:58:00

    Britain's National Health Service is bitterly criticised. But it's the envy of the world and makes Britain great

  • Here we go again...

    23-06-2018 06:08:00

    The reimposition of Governor's Rule on J&K means that 71 years after independence, the Centre still hasn't a clue about how all Kashmiris can be reconciled to their Indian identity

  • India, an 'open, inclusive region'? Really?

    09-06-2018 05:56:00

    Ask the Dalit tanner, the Muslim butcher, the Christian priest. Ask cattle traders of any religion. Ask a Muslim who falls in love with a Hindu or vice versa

  • When politics is religion & religion politics

    26-05-2018 05:55:00

    Having bestowed Narendra Modi on India, the almighty tried to compensate for it by receiving Kumaraswamy in nine temples in four days

  • The defiant outsider

    15-05-2018 05:53:00

    Corruption wasn't just a problem during Najib's time. It was also part of a matrix of mysteries when Mahathir was prime minister

  • Large consequences of small events

    12-05-2018 05:59:00

    Some claim that being blackballed by the Allahabad Club drove Jawaharlal Nehru into nationalist politics