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Sunanda K Datta-Ray

Sunanda K Datta-Ray

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  • Have money, will spend

    14-09-2018 22:53:00

    The future belongs to the Indian billionaire who advertised for a dozen servants to cater to his teenage daughter during her four years as a student at a Scotland University

  • The dilemma of Northern Ireland

    31-08-2018 23:06:00

    Today, Northern Ireland will have been without a government for 593 days because Protestants and Catholics can't agree on the terms of cooperation

  • Fake news is nothing new

    17-08-2018 23:20:00

    The ultimate was surely Yudhishthira's immortal "Aswathama hatha...", followed by a whispered "iti narova kunjarova..."

  • Why Modi must caution his friend 'Bibi'

    03-08-2018 23:10:00

    With protests and the Knesset split over Netanyahu's new law reiterating that Israel is a monocultural country, it can't be called a unanimous expression of the national will

  • The great British optimism

    21-07-2018 06:00:00

    From sports to diplomacy, trade to warfront - the British 'ability' to proclaim victory in the jaws of defeat is unique

  • Neighbour's envy, owner's pride

    07-07-2018 05:58:00

    Britain's National Health Service is bitterly criticised. But it's the envy of the world and makes Britain great

  • Here we go again...

    23-06-2018 06:08:00

    The reimposition of Governor's Rule on J&K means that 71 years after independence, the Centre still hasn't a clue about how all Kashmiris can be reconciled to their Indian identity

  • India, an 'open, inclusive region'? Really?

    09-06-2018 05:56:00

    Ask the Dalit tanner, the Muslim butcher, the Christian priest. Ask cattle traders of any religion. Ask a Muslim who falls in love with a Hindu or vice versa

  • When politics is religion & religion politics

    26-05-2018 05:55:00

    Having bestowed Narendra Modi on India, the almighty tried to compensate for it by receiving Kumaraswamy in nine temples in four days

  • The defiant outsider

    15-05-2018 05:53:00

    Corruption wasn't just a problem during Najib's time. It was also part of a matrix of mysteries when Mahathir was prime minister

  • Large consequences of small events

    12-05-2018 05:59:00

    Some claim that being blackballed by the Allahabad Club drove Jawaharlal Nehru into nationalist politics

  • A case for screening EU migrants

    28-04-2018 05:55:00

    If there's one reason for more careful screening of European Union migrants, it's the proliferation of crooks and criminals preying on the unwary

  • A feather in the cap... err... crown

    14-04-2018 05:54:00

    There's a move afoot to nominate the British Queen for a Nobel peace prize for her 60-year service to the Commonwealth. Does she deserve it?

  • The future of US-China relations

    31-03-2018 05:58:00

    North Korea's nuclear missile programmes and the evidence of Kim's visit to Beijing can only further strengthen China's financial and diplomatic hold

  • Obsession with status: Indians more meticulous than others about protocol

    17-03-2018 05:47:00

    The deft footwork behind Wednesday's meeting between Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav confirmed that protocol is as powerful in India's democratic politics as it was in the film Anna and the King of Siam