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Sunil Sethi

Sunil Sethi

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  • Why Nehru is worth remembering

    17-11-2018 00:11:00

    Adored and reviled in equal measure, Nehru's legacy is obscured but not altogether erased. In the age of ephemeral Instagrams and quick click selfies it is not charmless

  • Empty nests and empty nest eggs

    03-11-2018 00:14:00

    In Delhi itself there is no land to spare

  • Phase Two of #MeToo

    20-10-2018 00:43:00

    Perhaps the most harrowing account is by Ghazala Wahab of her days at The Asian Age, an ugly cat-and-mouse game of molesting and emotional blackmail inside the editor's cabin

  • The dogs that didn't bark

    06-10-2018 01:09:00

    Did men and women of redoubtable experience and public service, upholders of the country's steel frame and paragons of corporate governance, never smell a rat?

  • The cheat sheet of history

    22-09-2018 00:54:00

    Despite a 2013 Supreme Court ban, manual scavenging has far from disappeared more than a century after Gandhi's tireless fight to eradicate the blight

  • The mills of justice grind surely

    08-09-2018 00:48:00

    To argue that coming out was easier for the few in the anonymity and privilege of big cities as opposed to the many in the stifling oppression of small towns and villages is true

  • A world of bluffocrats

    25-08-2018 02:18:00

    The inescapable lifeline of the bluffocrat is the number of Facebook page 'likes', Twitter or Instagram followers totted up per millisecond

  • Tamil Nadu's game of thrones

    10-08-2018 23:47:00

    Karunanidhi was a ruthless political opponent, steadfast in eliminating rivals in the DMK hierarchy, fighting MGR's AIADMK tooth and nail and playing ducks and drakes with Gandhi family-led Congress

  • India's faltering tourism industry

    28-07-2018 00:01:00

    Why can't a country that builds and manages airports of acknowledged excellence at home and abroad produce passports of durable quality for its citizens?

  • Corruption in the land of the pure

    14-07-2018 06:00:00

    The Quaid-e-Azam's probity was not inherited by his political descendants in the Land of the Pure

  • An old twisted tale of press freedom

    30-06-2018 06:34:00

    Students of history may know the intricate contours of this period that eventually led to Hastings's and Impey's impeachment but Hicky's life has never been thoroughly investigated

  • A season of India-Pak spy thrillers

    02-06-2018 05:54:00

    On both sides of the border, opinion is being bitingly vented on The Spy Chronicles

  • Karnataka's last resort politics

    19-05-2018 05:54:00

    Where in parliamentary democracies around the world do political parties drag Supreme Court judges in the middle marches of the night to decide who will rule?

  • Bring on the summer wine

    05-05-2018 05:57:00

    My local liquor stores, which for years bore the stamp of illicit seediness, are so transformed in size and large displays of foreign and Indian wines that some look like art galleries, Sethi writes

  • Modi in sinking sands

    21-04-2018 05:48:00

    After four years of relentless globe-trotting to build up his image as a world leader, Mr Modi's reputation overseas has taken a severe beating