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Sunita Narain

Sunita Narain

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  • The real oximeter

    13-06-2021 23:51:00

    The oxygen that we get from nature is about increasing green cover and ensuring that our air - our every breath - is not polluted.

  • Zero-zero, net zero

    03-05-2021 04:19:00

    The good news is that climate change is back on the agenda. The bad news is that we are discussing the wrong things

  • Water in the age of climate change

    04-04-2021 23:28:00

    We know that climate change impacts are about heat - increased and scorching temperatures - and about variable and extreme rain.

  • Agenda for Stockholm+50

    07-03-2021 22:55:00

    As we approach Stockholm+50, we are looking at an increasingly inequitable world; where poverty and marginalisation are growing

  • Vaccine leadership, not chauvinism

    07-02-2021 22:55:00

    The WHO's initiative to provide equitable access to vaccines - COVAX - is devoid of the funds needed to procure and supply the shots to poorer countries.

  • The nature of food

    11-01-2021 01:31:00

    Since the release of our investigation into the adulteration of honey, we have received textbook responses - possibly what is discussed and taught in business schools across the world, writes Narain

  • How companies were caught selling honey adulterated with sugar syrup

    14-12-2020 00:17:00

    Chinese companies have "designed" the sugar syrup which is used to adulterate honey so that it can pass the Indian laboratory tests

  • Payment for not burning stubble?

    01-11-2020 22:29:00

    My logic, as an environmentalist and campaigner for clean air, is that this will be a perverse incentive, writes Sunita Narain

  • UN@75 v multilateralism & democracy

    04-10-2020 23:03:00

    What is the future of UN?

  • MGNREGA today and tomorrow

    06-09-2020 22:32:00

    The programme is providing relief today, but how can it ensure the basis of livelihood security in the future?

  • Headline management will not work

    09-08-2020 22:22:00

    Today, our worst nightmare - the worst-case scenario - is playing out

  • Politics of recycling plastic

    26-07-2020 22:57:00

    It is reported that prior to the 2018 ban, 95 per cent of the European Union's and 70 per cent of the US's plastic waste collected for recycling was sold and shipped to China

  • New global order (or disorder)

    12-07-2020 21:54:00

    It's a time for cooperation and trust, so that local and global action can be decisive and meaningful

  • Building the future

    29-06-2020 00:23:00

    Covid-19 is not a mere oversight or an inconvenient accident; it is a result of the actions we have taken to build a world that is both inequitable and divisive

  • Multiple crises: The cost of wasted time

    14-06-2020 23:04:00

    The link of these disparate events to climate change is incontrovertible