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Sunita Narain

Sunita Narain

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  • Water-wisdom for climate change

    07-08-2022 21:53:00

    We need to scale up our work to invest in local water systems to capture every drop of rain so that we can build local resilience against drought

  • A make-or-break ban

    10-07-2022 21:57:00

    The current list of banned items is not comprehensive

  • Inconvenient questions

    12-06-2022 22:58:00

    How do I explain the global media powerhouses need to get real about the impacts of climate change on countries like India - my country?

  • Global disruptions and non-cooperation

    01-05-2022 22:29:00

    The first problem has been the very premise of the globalisation project

  • Energy geopolitics and LNG

    04-04-2022 00:18:00

    The Russia-Ukraine war has put the spotlight on the role of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the global energy futures

  • Strengthen environmental clearances

    06-03-2022 23:42:00

    First, we need to accept that the system has become unnecessarily convoluted and must be streamlined

  • Our broken system of clearances

    06-02-2022 23:36:00

    The EIA has become a convoluted exercise, designed for futility

  • Zero the way to go

    09-01-2022 23:29:00

    Over the past few years there has been a rapid shift in the strategy for waste management in the country

  • Season of despair

    13-12-2021 00:16:00

    It's not rocket science to understand whether the pollution is generated locally, or it comes from neighbouring states, or is a combination of both

  • COP26: The order of our times

    31-10-2021 22:45:00

    COP26's top agenda should be to reclaim its leadership and voice to rebuild the trust of people - both rich and poor

  • Clash of economy and ecology in global politics

    03-10-2021 23:26:00

    These 30 years have also taught us that we cannot ensure sustainable growth unless it is affordable and inclusive

  • Water for fruit

    05-09-2021 23:17:00

    The scale of the transformation is huge and the potential for change is massive

  • Making trade work for climate

    08-08-2021 22:43:00

    The world cannot dodge the question of global trade and consumption anymore

  • Virus, variant and vaccines

    11-07-2021 23:47:00

    The main worry is the price of vaccines, not production, says Sunita Narain

  • The real oximeter

    13-06-2021 23:51:00

    The oxygen that we get from nature is about increasing green cover and ensuring that our air - our every breath - is not polluted.