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Sunita Narain

Sunita Narain

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  • Building the future

    29-06-2020 00:23:00

    Covid-19 is not a mere oversight or an inconvenient accident; it is a result of the actions we have taken to build a world that is both inequitable and divisive

  • Multiple crises: The cost of wasted time

    14-06-2020 23:04:00

    The link of these disparate events to climate change is incontrovertible

  • Migrants: Future of work and production

    01-06-2020 00:54:00

    It is also important to note that their pain has not gone unnoticed - trains have been started to bring migrants back home

  • Covid-19 has made the invisible visible

    18-05-2020 01:21:00

    Today, these 'invisible' people have become visible

  • How not to lose clean air gains

    03-05-2020 23:52:00

    What is clear is that this joy of nature has come at enormous and unacceptable human cost to millions in the world

  • What will be the new normal?

    19-04-2020 22:22:00

    What we should be really thinking about is the collective vulnerability of our world

  • Interdependence in corona world

    06-04-2020 00:03:00

    What should countries like India do, with limited testing facilities and even more limited public health infrastructures?

  • Water in the age of coronavirus

    23-03-2020 02:14:00

    Most of us take comfort from the fact that we can get water from our taps and if we find that this is not clean enough, we simply switch to buying and drinking bottled water

  • The next water decade

    08-03-2020 23:44:00

    Water can be recycled and re-used and thus we may not have water wars. The real challenge is ensuring the sustainability of the water-supply systems

  • Building resilience against climate change

    24-02-2020 00:53:00

    The fact is climate change is real; it is happening and it is making the poor in our world more marginalised.

  • Nature's revenge

    10-02-2020 00:49:00

    The fact is that so much of this virus transference is happening because of our dystopian relationship with the natural world

  • Locust attacks have links with climate change

    26-01-2020 22:44:00

    This insect grows exponentially and an average locust swarm, believe it or not, can have 8 million critters, which can devour as much food in one day as 2,500 people or 10 elephants

  • Migration is the issue here

    12-01-2020 23:33:00

    When people move to cities and countries, there is tension between "insiders" and "outsiders"

  • The decade we leave behind and ahead

    30-12-2019 00:00:00

    In this decade, we have realised that climate change is not in the distant future. It is happening and its impact will only grow

  • Circumventing climate action

    16-12-2019 00:36:00

    New games are being played out to circumvent action - or at least to find ways to do as little as possible and as cheaply as possible