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Surinder Sud

Surinder Sud

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  • A cultivated idea for cities

    24-07-2022 21:55:00

    The latest notable initiative to promote growing useful plants in a metro city is the recently announced urban farming project of the Delhi government

  • Aerial boon for farming

    26-06-2022 23:09:00

    Interestingly, India seems to have the potential to become the global leader in manufacturing and gainfully utlising these mini aircraft

  • Direct paddy sowing reaps benefits

    15-05-2022 23:09:00

    The key advantage of constant submergence is that it keeps weeds under check

  • Medicinal plants await good marketing

    17-04-2022 22:35:00

    Fortunately, India is endowed with a huge and diversified wealth of plant species having curative traits

  • Tapping the usefulness of non-bovine milk

    20-03-2022 22:16:00

    The commercial importance of the milk aside, these non-bovine animals merit greater attention for other reasons as well

  • The farm deal that needs to be reworked

    20-02-2022 23:03:00

    India has, in fact, been a major victim of the flaws in the AoA

  • Stemming water insecurity

    24-01-2022 00:00:00

    Agriculture is, by far, the largest consumer of water, accounting for more than 80 per cent of the water-use

  • Agriculture needs a booster dose

    27-12-2021 01:02:00

    The cure for the farm sector's ills lies primarily in making agriculture remunerative

  • Shielding farm sector from climate change

    15-11-2021 00:05:00

    The real worry is about the projected drop in farm income

  • Digitisation of farm data needs awareness

    18-10-2021 00:03:00

    Interestingly, the agriculture-related data of about 55 million farmers has already been digitised

  • Nutrition through biofortification

    20-09-2021 00:27:00

    The benefits of the biofortified crops have been corroborated even by the actual impact assessment studies on children and women

  • Making a case for goat farming

    22-08-2021 22:07:00

    'The country is fortunate to have a rich diversity of goat breeds', says the author

  • Cloning overcomes prejudices

    26-07-2021 00:36:00

    The development and popularisation of this technology can be a boon for the Indian livestock sector, which relies heavily on buffalo milk

  • Herbs need good marketing

    16-05-2021 23:00:00

    Annual trade in herbal medicinal products is estimated at Rs 8,000-9,000 crore in the home market and around Rs 1,000 crore in the export bazaar

  • Beyond the Jal Shakti Abhiyan

    19-04-2021 00:17:00

    NITI Aayog reckons that nearly 600 million Indians are already facing "high to extreme" water stress. The situation is set to worsen as the water demand is likely to double by 2030