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Surinder Sud

Surinder Sud

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  • Herbs need good marketing

    16-05-2021 23:00:00

    Annual trade in herbal medicinal products is estimated at Rs 8,000-9,000 crore in the home market and around Rs 1,000 crore in the export bazaar

  • Beyond the Jal Shakti Abhiyan

    19-04-2021 00:17:00

    NITI Aayog reckons that nearly 600 million Indians are already facing "high to extreme" water stress. The situation is set to worsen as the water demand is likely to double by 2030

  • Cannabis is no longer 'dangerous'

    21-03-2021 22:53:00

    In India, cannabis has historically been grown and consumed for recreational, culinary, and commercial purposes.

  • The twists and turns of the farm laws

    21-02-2021 22:26:00

    While most of these need-based measures were mooted by the Swaminathan Commission, these were incorporated into the country's first-ever National Policy for Farmers, brought out by the UPA in 2007

  • When animals can be poison

    24-01-2021 23:50:00

    A notable feature of the emerging trend is the preponderance of infections transmitted to humans from animals

  • A sector with the potential to bloom

    27-12-2020 23:18:00

    The government has recognised floriculture as an export-oriented sunrise industry though the bulk of its output is consumed in the domestic market due to steadily swelling local demand

  • Adding value to your food

    16-11-2020 00:12:00

    There are speculations on whether the government's policy on genetically engineered products has undergone a subtle, even if undeclared, change. If it is so, it is welcome

  • Ideal product for Covid times

    18-10-2020 23:57:00

    Coronavirus-driven rage for immunity-boosting foods has triggered fresh demand for health food quinoa, paving the way for a revival of interest in quinoa farming

  • The net loser is the farmer

    20-09-2020 23:56:00

    Biased, unfounded propaganda by the denigrators of the GM technology is prevailing over the sane, evidence-based opinion of the scientific community resulting in loss for farmers, writes Surinder Sud

  • Farming on the cusp of change

    23-08-2020 22:24:00

    The concept of interlinking different agricultural activities to make an integrated farming system has begun to catch on

  • Some lessons from the corona crisis

    13-07-2020 21:02:00

    The agriculture sector has displayed greater resilience against the Covid-19 onslaught compared to manufacturing, services and other major sectors of the economy

  • Pushing rural demand

    01-06-2020 22:00:00

    That would depend on income generation through efficient, fair and transparent marketing of the farm produce, which the government needs to ensure

  • Covid an opportunity for agri reforms

    04-05-2020 22:48:00

    The virus outbreak is likely to have a lasting impact on farming, especially on the way crops are sown, harvested and disposed of

  • Saving agri sector from Covid-19

    06-04-2020 23:04:00

    The steps taken by the government to contain the spread of the virus and mitigate the damage from the lockdown have come at the right time

  • A lost opportunity?

    09-03-2020 21:11:00

    Commercial pig farming can be lucrative as the cost of rearing them is low and the herd size can be expanded rapidly