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Surinder Sud

Surinder Sud

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  • Some lessons from the corona crisis

    13-07-2020 21:02:00

    The agriculture sector has displayed greater resilience against the Covid-19 onslaught compared to manufacturing, services and other major sectors of the economy

  • Pushing rural demand

    01-06-2020 22:00:00

    That would depend on income generation through efficient, fair and transparent marketing of the farm produce, which the government needs to ensure

  • Covid an opportunity for agri reforms

    04-05-2020 22:48:00

    The virus outbreak is likely to have a lasting impact on farming, especially on the way crops are sown, harvested and disposed of

  • Saving agri sector from Covid-19

    06-04-2020 23:04:00

    The steps taken by the government to contain the spread of the virus and mitigate the damage from the lockdown have come at the right time

  • A lost opportunity?

    09-03-2020 21:11:00

    Commercial pig farming can be lucrative as the cost of rearing them is low and the herd size can be expanded rapidly

  • Tackling the locust menace

    10-02-2020 20:48:00

    Effective monitoring for timely warning and prompt large-scale control operations, preferably through aerial spraying, seems imperative for good results

  • Reimagining the humble spud

    13-01-2020 21:01:00

    A lot of work is happening around the globe to improve the "profile" of potato

  • Revamp rainfed farming

    02-12-2019 21:51:00

    The focus of agricultural research and development programmes needs to shift towards rainfed lands that harbour the bulk of rural poverty

  • Reduce cost, restore profitability

    04-11-2019 22:03:00

    It is imperative to reorient fertiliser policies to facilitate development of innovative and situation-specific products

  • Advantage indigenous Indian cows

    07-10-2019 20:57:00

    Their milk is better than that of exotic cows in terms of quality and composition of proteins

  • Reversing degradation of land

    02-09-2019 21:24:00

    The government's approach towards fertilisers and soil health seems rather paradoxical

  • Time to review GM policy

    05-08-2019 21:24:00

    The lingering uncertainty about GM policy has adversely hit the research on the problem-solving biotechnology and has led to the withdrawal of foreign investment from biotech companies

  • AI in agriculture

    08-07-2019 21:16:00

    Given the impressive track record, the future of this field seems promising

  • Revisit administration of agri sector

    10-06-2019 21:31:00

    All political parties should support another Constitution amendment to put agriculture on the Concurrent List for the benefit of the farmers

  • Legalise land leasing

    13-05-2019 20:41:00

    By dilly-dallying on the enactment of laws in tune with the NITI Aayog's model bill, state governments are doing a disservice to the farm community