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Talmiz Ahmad

Talmiz Ahmad

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  • Books for our times

    05-05-2020 23:58:00

    Ms Atwood quotes science fiction writer Ursula Le Guin to remind us that freedom 'is not a gift given, but a choice made, and the choice may be a hard one'

  • Talmiz Ahmad: Why the Gulf is still confident about oil revenues

    29-11-2014 21:50:00

    OPEC just decided not to cut output, but the Gulf is looking forward to the 2020s, and the decline of shale

  • Mecca: spiritual sanctum and terrestrial realities

    03-11-2014 21:25:00

    Muslim history is diverse and complex, and so are the attempts of modern-day Muslims to cope with contemporary challenges. Mecca's history, though interesting and even important, is not the key that Muslims are seekingZiauddin Sardar begins his ...

  • Muslim angst in the modern world

    17-09-2014 21:25:00

    Images of Islamic militants beheading Western hostages over the past few days have horrified world opinion and dramatically reminded us that radical Islam is flourishing across West Asia, challenging established states and placing captured ...

  • Pakistan's call to arms

    16-07-2014 21:25:00

    This book is a focused and timely analysis of what has gone badly wrong in Pakistan, and what could be done to correct the situation

  • Pakistan: Zionist ideal and harsh reality

    12-11-2013 21:25:00

    Sixty-six years after it came into being, the idea of Pakistan remains a fascinating subject for historians, political scientists and students of religion. Some have seen in its realisation the triumph of malevolent imperialist conspiracies of ...

  • The evolution of an Arab-American

    09-10-2013 21:25:00

    The title is misleading. I picked up the book in the hope of learning something about the family life of the great hero of my generation, Edward Said, from the pen of his daughter. However, I should have been alerted by the subtitle: "Growing Up ...

  • Muhammad, prophet and human being

    20-09-2013 21:48:00

    An important new biography paints an intimate portrait of a complex and all-too-human thinker, redressing the culture of Islamophobia that has gripped many parts of the world

  • The Arab Spring withers into winter

    29-08-2013 21:47:00

    Its promise has fallen short before the onslaught of the votaries of the old order and ruthless extremist forces