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TNC Rajagopalan

TNC Rajagopalan

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  • Important changes made in GST rules

    17-02-2019 23:08:00

    Merchanting trade, when an Indian buys goods from a foreign country and then sells these to a buyer in another country, without bringing the goods into India, will not attract GST

  • Scheme's intention stymied on ground

    10-02-2019 22:51:00

    Well-intended schemes are not being fully implemented in letter and spirit at operating levels

  • Budget speech omitted tepid export figures

    03-02-2019 22:40:00

    It can be argued that a speech unveiling interim Budget need not cover each and every aspect of the economy and too much should not be made of the omission to mention about exports or competitiveness

  • Reality test needed for RBI credit rules

    27-01-2019 22:30:00

    The RBI says banks may consider the applications from exporters and grant permission for opening or hiring of warehouses abroad

  • Coming to sense with absurdities

    20-01-2019 23:53:00

    When the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced in July 2017, the government withheld any exemption from IGST on import under all categories of advance authorization

  • Higher onus on trade in new audit approach

    13-01-2019 23:41:00

    Under the new scheme, transaction-based audit will be confined to a few transactions under the risk management system

  • Clearly, GST is still 'work in progress'

    06-01-2019 23:12:00

    The avalanche of notifications and circulars show the GST regime is yet to stabilise

  • Some year-end cheer from GST Council

    31-12-2018 00:54:00

    Big relaxation is decision to allow ITC against invoices issued by a supplier during 2017-18 till April 20, 2019, the due date for furnishing of form GSTR-3B for March, subject to specified condition

  • Goods transport cross borders

    23-12-2018 23:35:00

    The Carnet issued in the country of departure serves as a Customs control document in the countries of departure, transit and destination

  • Overdue changes in rules for EOUs

    16-12-2018 21:46:00

    It is a welcome development but the question is why it took so long to do so

  • Public interest and pre-import clauses

    09-12-2018 23:09:00

    IGST on imported goods is levied and collected in accordance with Section 3(7) of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975

  • Block-chain promise and the challenges

    03-12-2018 00:24:00

     BT could well become the future of trade infrastructure and the biggest boost to the shipping industry and to international trade since invention of the container

  • Hopes arise on trade thawing

    26-11-2018 00:11:00

    The International Monetary Fund has downgraded its global growth outlook for this and next year, due to trade fights between big economies

  • More leeway now in e-way system

    19-11-2018 00:29:00

    Even the transporter or consignee is not allowed to generate another e-way bill on the same invoice number of that consignor, if one has already been generated by the latter

  • Uncertainty in global trade

    11-11-2018 23:51:00

    Trump's trade policy or punitive tariff regime was not a major issue in the campaign