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Udit Misra

Udit Misra

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Udit Misra

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  • Modi Sarkar's final frontier

    18-01-2019 01:13:00

    Be sure of one thing: Modi Sarkar will not stand on ceremonies even if that means stepping on the Constitution

  • Modi's performance like that of a T20 batsman who fails in Test matches

    04-01-2019 01:08:00

    Can Mr Modi learn from his missteps and change? How about starting off with a real press conference?

  • Why farm loan waivers make sense

    21-12-2018 01:15:00

    There is no aspect of farming that is not vitiated by the government's good intentions

  • Can a GST-mukt Bharat become a campaign promise in 2019 elections?

    07-12-2018 01:10:00

    India's GST is a veritable mess - it has multiple rates, very high tax slabs at that, revenues generated appear inadequate, and there is little transparency about the way it works

  • 18 angry men and two staid questions

    22-11-2018 23:23:00

    With apologies to Oscar Wilde, losing one RBI governor may be regarded as a misfortune; losing two would have looked like carelessness

  • The undoing of doing business in India

    08-11-2018 23:22:00

    This worsening state of doing business in India actually explains why the central government has even risked souring relations with the country's central bank

  • 'Sahi vikas', not really Mr Modi

    25-10-2018 22:40:00

    One big problem with Mr Modi's approach to development is that one policy after another places the proverbial cart before the horse

  • The Modi majority fallacy

    11-10-2018 23:18:00

    The security of having a clear BJP majority has polarised Indian society

  • Saaf niyat's Aadhaar shaken

    27-09-2018 22:17:00

    Worse, even when the Court has placed significant limitations on Aadhaar, Modi Sarkar has not been stirred enough to apologise for its coercive approach

  • More questions on saaf niyat

    02-08-2018 23:47:00

    To be sure, funding of political party using unaudited money is the central reason why there is no incentive in our political economy to curb corruption

  • Saaf niyat, not really Mr Modi

    22-06-2018 05:58:00

    Four years into his term, Modi Sarkar, as the National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre hopes it would be characterised, seems to have shut its policy shop

  • To Orban via Thatcher, Harper and Lee

    01-06-2018 05:55:00

    Biggest victims of Modi Sarkar's ever-changing narratives are its supporters

  • In defence of Prasoon Joshi

    28-04-2018 05:55:00

    It was an extempore interview even though an untrained eye would have been tricked into thinking that it was completely choreographed

  • Adam Gondvi's India

    14-04-2018 05:58:00

    He was not an educated person but he was as sharp in his observations and as biting in his choice of words as any poet can be

  • The gentleman's game

    31-03-2018 00:46:00

    Cricket is one of those rare sports where integrity counts for more than winning