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Uttaran Das Gupta

Uttaran Das Gupta

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  • It's only football

    29-06-2018 22:37:00

    Germans have always been passionate about football. But seeing flags hanging from balconies was new

  • A farrago of fiction

    16-06-2018 06:59:00

    States are no strangers to being creators of fiction

  • Small-town angst

    15-06-2018 23:39:00

    In the second story, Ankush and his wife, Taruna - a survivor of child sex abuse - encounter a crisis that brings their relationship to the very edge, before a catharsis of sorts

  • Frames per second: B S Yeddyurappa's anti-Baazigaar in Karnataka

    19-05-2018 22:11:00

    Karnataka elections should teach political parties that winning at any cost might not be the correct move all the time

  • 'Here vomited Goethe'

    18-05-2018 22:44:00

    This year is the 250th year of his birth, and Tübingen, a charming town southwest Germany where Hölderlin was once a student, is gearing up to celebrate the anniversary

  • Death of a PM

    04-05-2018 22:35:00

    The real strength of the narrative is in the number of different strands that Goswami negotiates at the same time, without any confusion or obvious errors in plotting

  • For Dhasal

    20-04-2018 23:55:00

    Chandramohan's book, Letters to Namdeo Dhasal - his second after Warscape Verses (Authorpress, 2014) - pays tribute to the older poet

  • Naked art

    30-03-2018 21:24:00

    A direct response to the claustrophobic, bureaucratic terror of post-World War II America was the Beat Generation of poets and writers, including Allen Ginsberg

  • 'Historians of Redundant Moments' review: Two sisters and their ghosts

    17-03-2018 05:56:00

    The book, a winner of the 2016 Numinous Orisons Luminous Origin Literary Award, recreates the Left-ruled Calcutta of the eighties and nineties of the last century

  • Bye-bye Saint Lenin: BJP's Northeast win, attacks on statues, and more

    10-03-2018 05:57:00

    Statues and wall graphiti depicting its saints (Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, and sometimes, even Stalin) are ubiquitous and red flags and the hammer and sickle sprout everywhere like weeds

  • 'New Delhi Love Songs' review: How Creighton writes poems on city's streets

    03-03-2018 05:57:00

    In Michael's book, some of his fellow residents make appearances

  • Laughter in serious times: 'The Book of Limericks' takes on events of 2017

    17-02-2018 05:57:00

    Bibek Debroy somehow manages to balance his commitment to both this world and that of poetry with alarming ease

  • The languages that become ours

    27-01-2018 05:56:00

    Naturally, poets writing in English in different parts of the country have very different concerns

  • The small press revolution

    13-01-2018 00:05:00

    The past year was a sort of watershed for poets writing in English in India, with arguably the largest number of publications in recent times

  • A return to light

    15-12-2017 23:22:00

    There are very few Indian writers who make a living out of their writing