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Uttaran Das Gupta

Uttaran Das Gupta

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  • The bard & the plague

    23-05-2020 00:50:00

    Globe Theatre in London could bring down the curtain if the UK government did not inject $7 million to make up for the losses it has suffered because of the coronavirus

  • 'Port of refuge'

    22-05-2020 19:53:00

    I found refuge in the poetry of Tomas Tranströmer, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2011

  • Mother tongues revisited

    17-04-2020 21:57:00

    A project named Mother Tongue Twisters run by poet Mohini Gupta aims to create contemporary poetry for children in Indian languages

  • Solidarity in pestilence

    28-03-2020 00:46:00

    The Plague serves as a parable of the German occupation of Paris during World War II

  • The language of Delhi

    20-03-2020 21:28:00

    Katyal, as his many fans would already know, also creates a queer map for Delhi

  • Frames per Second: So easy to kill a man

    07-03-2020 11:58:00

    As uneasy calm settles on Delhi, there is little hope for sprouting love like between Mr and Mrs Iyer

  • Brands, good and bad

    29-02-2020 00:54:00

    Apple does not allow bad characters in films to use its iPhone

  • Root poetry

    28-02-2020 21:15:00

    Mohanty's book brings us to darkness and end, but gently

  • Poetry at Shaheen Bagh

    31-01-2020 21:33:00

    At Shaheen Bagh - or similar protests across the country, such as at Park Circus in Kolkata - women have emerged as the face of the protests

  • Linguist's love

    17-01-2020 21:17:00

    The act of love, writes Polish theatre director Jerzy Grotowski in Towards a Poor Theatre, involves making oneself vulnerable; so does the act of theatre - or in fact any art, including poetry

  • Remember Safdar

    11-01-2020 01:32:00

    n recent times, it has also become very fashionable to call people "anti-national" if they are critical of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government or its policies

  • Poetic protests

    03-01-2020 21:35:00

    The nationwide protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 has led to an outpouring of poetry

  • Frames per second: The Spectre of the camps

    03-01-2020 17:13:00

    Research has shown most Germans were well aware of what was going on at the detention centres

  • Blood and water: The strange link between CAA and a 1958 Bollywood classic

    27-12-2019 16:54:00

    The contentious CAA and protests against it find echoes in Yahudi

  • Misfits matter

    21-12-2019 01:09:00

    In his debut collection, Mumbai-based journalist and poet Suhit Kelkar has channelled Greek myths to indulge in a sort of personal mythopoeia