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Vandana Gombar

Vandana Gombar

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  • Faster, cheaper and cleaner power

    05-05-2022 22:42:00

    Solar emerged as the third-largest source last year, with wind power close behind

  • Unsettling the energy mix, clawbacks

    31-03-2022 23:29:00

    The energy markets are in a flux and the ideal mix is changing.

  • Follow the money

    03-03-2022 23:39:00

    India is yet to finalise its offshore wind policy and hold its first auction

  • Electric vehicles, hydrogen and climate

    06-01-2022 23:35:00

    The rising temperatures across the globe have led to some cities appointing heat officers responsible for cooling interventions

  • Green themes of 2022

    14-12-2021 22:49:00

    Expect to see more local manufacturing announcements in 2022

  • Getting the green strategy right

    22-11-2021 23:33:00

    India is now among the countries committed to net-zero emissions by 2070

  • Debt for climate and green power

    30-09-2021 23:08:00

    India's climate targets are not conditional, but its negotiating position has been that finance and technology must be made available to developing countries

  • Hydrogen's green fix

    02-09-2021 23:06:00

    In Europe, green hydrogen projects using offshore wind are being constructed

  • Tipping point for electric two-wheelers

    03-08-2021 22:24:00

    Globally, China was the largest market for electric two-wheelers in 2020, followed by Vietnam and India

  • A new green wave of growth

    06-07-2021 22:43:00

    Vandana Gombar assesses the green energy plans of Reliance, NTPC, Tata and Ola

  • Has India clinched the manufacturing deal?

    08-06-2021 00:06:00

    The scheme to offer cash incentives for local manufacturing of solar equipment as well as batteries may require a few iterations to really click, or it may fly in the first round of bidding itself

  • Energy, technology and other saviours

    10-05-2021 23:01:00

    The more-than-doubling of installed capacity since 2010 has helped reduce shortages. The peak deficit in March 2021 was at 0.5 per cent

  • Making power consumer a king

    31-03-2021 22:56:00

    The Indian power consumer, in addition to being given the choice of buying green electricity only, might also get to choose the supplier soon.

  • Betting on green

    02-03-2021 23:10:00

    There has been a recent spurt of investor interest in India's renewables space, with the outlook for the sector, as well as for electricity demand growth, remaining strong

  • Offshore wind, jobs, hydrogen

    04-02-2021 22:26:00

    BNEF is forecasting a surge in offshore wind installations this decade