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Vandana Gombar

Vandana Gombar

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  • The 1-in-10 achievement

    08-01-2019 20:25:00

    The share of renewable energy in generation is reaching 10 per cent, and the country's first gigawatt-scale floating solar tender is out

  • India's conflicting ambitions

    25-12-2018 22:53:00

    If we want to expand clean energy, why are we expanding the not-so-clean options?

  • Bird, Lime and disruption

    27-11-2018 21:45:00

    Two young companies are offering electric two-wheelers for hire via mobile apps to encourage smart, affordable mobility for short distances

  • The 24x7 clean energy goal

    30-10-2018 20:34:00

    In India, it is not easy for consumers to buy clean power. Nor is it easy for consumers to buy non-clean power, given the state of the power distribution companies

  • Look who is embracing renewables

    04-09-2018 20:37:00

    Besides Infosys, three companies have committed to 100 per cent renewables usage under the RE100 umbrella: Dalmia Cement, Tata Motors and Hatsun Agro

  • Unchanged landscape

    07-08-2018 20:57:00

    More than two years after two Asian multilateral banks were set up for green financing, there's little change in the way such projects are financed

  • Second half of 2018 begins with a bang

    11-07-2018 06:00:00

    Solar tariffs in India made headlines again, dropping to the record low levels seen last year

  • China kinks the solar growth curve

    13-06-2018 05:58:00

    Subsidy-free solar is likely to become the norm not only in the world's largest solar market but in many other countries around the world

  • 'Corporate' market for clean energy grows

    16-05-2018 06:02:00

    The total clean energy procurement by corporates so far in 2018 has reached 3.3 gigawatts. Most of this is in the US, and is for wind

  • Where are India's mobility experiments?

    18-04-2018 05:59:00

    Policy needs to incentivise experimentation with mobility models

  • Subsidy-free offshore wind plants piquing interest of clean energy industry

    29-03-2018 05:55:00

    The first set of projects will set the course for a subsidy-free offshore wind regime in India too

  • Getting the electric vehicle policy right

    21-02-2018 06:01:00

    Set an ambitious target, finalise the incentives, drive it from the top and avoid flip-flops in policy decisions

  • Agenda 2018 marks new turn in energy

    23-01-2018 22:40:00

    A few critical announcements about likely themes in energy and mobility this year had a familiar ring but for a surprise one on a shift away from upstream gas investments

  • A 100 gigawatt per year run rate

    28-11-2017 22:40:00

    A concerted policy push can accelerate annual installation, especially if rooftop solar market gains traction. Aggressive auction schedule, if implemented, may help realise India's elusive target

  • Fast bullet train, slow car

    31-10-2017 22:40:00

    It is unclear why a government, which is investing in a superfast bullet train at one end, has chosen a less-than-the-most-advanced electric vehicle option