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Varad Pande

Varad Pande

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  • A new paradigm for social finance

    12-07-2020 20:23:00

    How a disclosures-based approach can unlock capital at scale for India's best social enterprises

  • Varad Pande: Some convenient truths for 'green growth'

    26-11-2013 21:44:00

    Three ways to achieve this agenda that get around the heated debate over who is responsible for climate change and who must pay for it

  • Varad Pande: Changing the climate of the India-US strategic partnership

    12-10-2013 21:50:00

    Under the radar, Manmohan Singh and Barack Obama made a great deal of progress in resolving outstanding bilateral issues around climate change

  • A post-MDG world

    06-04-2013 20:46:00

    Adequate', 'stable', 'predictable' and 'innovative' financing were some of the buzzwords heard at Bali this week during the meetings of the High Level Panel on a post-2015 development agenda (HLP), set up by the United Nations Secretary General ...