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Veenu Sandhu

Veenu Sandhu

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  • The Priyanka gamble

    25-01-2019 21:14:00

    Rahul struggled hard for years to get that right. Though he has shown perseverance and courage in the face of a campaign to paint him a dud, the wait for him to come of age has cost his party dearly.

  • Thirty four new years later...

    28-12-2018 20:50:00

    What the Sikhs felt in 1984, the Muslims say they feel today. It is no different from what the Hindus felt in Punjab in the aftermath of 1984

  • Don't shoot the messenger

    30-11-2018 20:56:00

    Eight out of 10 Indians are unaware that something like the Good Samaritan law even exists

  • An accidental lesson on unsafe roads

    02-11-2018 20:37:00

    A simple ritual started by a man who would have been alive today if we weren't such a callous society

  • Exorcising Twitter

    05-10-2018 23:41:00

    Like WhatsApp, which has limited the number of forwards and eliminated a good deal of nonsense from the platform, Twitter needs to step up

  • Love, war and the end of Empire

    07-09-2018 22:44:00

    Set in the final years of the British rule in India, Daman Singh's Kitty's War is a fine example of realistic fiction

  • Echoes of a fake-believe world

    10-08-2018 21:04:00

    The world is in your WhatsApp group

  • The stubborn journalist

    13-07-2018 20:49:00

    Journalists back from conflict zones often come here to narrate their stories to others who can relate to what they have seen

  • Treasuring our past, their way

    15-06-2018 23:46:00

    Among them are letters from Gandhi, documents related to Partition, including one that carries thousands of signatures against the move to divide the country, and other such crucial records

  • Cry freedom: Why generous timings for boys and early deadlines for girls?

    23-03-2018 20:54:00

    Reinforcing a patriarchal social order that aims to confine and set limits on girls in the guise that they are intended for their own good

  • At home, in the world

    27-01-2018 05:59:00

    A government that chooses to be a fence-sitter rather than a decisive authority in matters of security and law and order cannot promise a safe business environment

  • Man of the moment

    29-12-2017 22:34:00

    As Gujarat went to the polls and the political discourse sank even lower, Rahul Gandhi's voice brought back a semblance of decency

  • Let soldiers be soldiers

    04-11-2017 02:22:00

    Soldiers don't mind getting their hands dirty, or their faces soiled

  • The mark of a man

    06-10-2017 22:38:00

    The ongoing moustache protest is only the latest blot on the face of a nation that has failed to ensure even the safety of the Dalit community

  • Gender pocketics

    08-09-2017 22:08:00

    Not giving women handy pockets, implies her being is more about style than substance