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Vijay Verghese

Vijay Verghese

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  • The price of liberty

    21-05-2020 22:32:00

    With travel and Covid in the blood, which one will win, and at what cost?

  • The world will be as one

    26-03-2020 21:51:00

    Not quite the way Lennon envisioned in Imagine, but an invisible virus will refine globalism, make us accountable, and make travel a richer, more immersive experience, but in smaller numbers

  • Why flu is nothing to sneeze at

    03-03-2020 21:48:00

    How Covid-19 virus has upended the world, reshaping travel and hammering stocks

  • How business travellers are being taken for a ride

    30-10-2019 21:34:00

    A growing issue, however, is the "institutionalisation" of endemic delays with hugely padded flight times.

  • Bring out the Big Tent

    23-07-2019 21:02:00

    Hong Kong seems transfixed with the symptoms, not the cure

  • A fix for Boeing

    30-05-2019 21:52:00

    Questions multiply about flight testing for the B737 MAX-8, MCAS software refinements, whistle-blowers and passenger confidence

  • Accident by design?

    19-03-2019 20:55:00

    The regulatory framework must look at the integrity of new aircraft designs as well as seemingly innocuous cost savings on assembly lines that may have a multiplier effect on product performance

  • The best of the rest

    16-09-2018 22:50:00

    Which airports offer the most comfortable sleeping zones and where to find the most snooze-friendly facilities

  • End for a muddled movement?

    13-06-2018 06:02:00

    Student movements the world over - when they won, or even when they spectacularly failed - have left an indelible mark on society

  • Beijing calls Hong Kong into line: You're with us or against us

    03-07-2017 22:41:00

    Beijing's zero-sum loyalty trap loses a profitable Hong Kong. Can the new chief make a difference?

  • Restricted entry: Keep tabs on devices or people?

    23-03-2017 22:38:00

    In-flight electronics ban poses questions without offering answers

  • Vijay Verghese: How big can be beautiful

    26-09-2016 21:46:00

    Why people come first and what the Marriott-Starwood combine means for travellers. Hotels can smile and survive or sulk and sink