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Vinayak Chatterjee

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  • India needs a new Highway Services Authority

    04-05-2021 22:23:00

    Moving on to technology, the new leap of faith is that toll collections are poised to shift to a GPS-based system

  • The bare necessities for India

    01-04-2021 23:39:00

    The latest Economic Survey has presented an interesting new index called the Bare Necessities Index. The BNI Index covers five areas that impact the daily lives of a bottom-of-the-pyramid householder

  • NIP and NMP: The pipeline jugalbandi

    09-03-2021 00:25:00

    The "jugalbandi" of these two pipelines - the NIP and NMP - should be music for the infrastructure sector, and the nation

  • Railways on the right track

    03-02-2021 00:48:00

    The bottom line is that it calls for a capital expenditure of Rs 16.74 trillion between 2022 and 2031 on track and terminal infrastructure and rolling stock

  • Why infra projects need surety bonds

    31-12-2020 22:47:00

    According to a report by Aon, the financial services firm, the global contract surety market was worth $6.5 billion in terms of premiums in 2018

  • Moving beyond L1/H1

    07-12-2020 23:34:00

    The bigger takeaway from this year's Nobel winners is that an overhaul of public procurement processes in India is long overdue

  • SBD: A useful first step in power reforms

    05-11-2020 02:10:00

    Power ministry is setting the stage for much-needed investments and efficiencies into the sector through privatisation of discoms - with a framework in the form of a draft Standard Bidding Document

  • Clearing dues from the government

    06-10-2020 23:13:00

    The release of pending dues from statal entities can itself be a fiscal stimulus

  • Rural India gets a mini-public works boost

    09-09-2020 00:06:00

    A good kharif sowing season coupled with adequate monsoon rains has raised hopes that the rural economy would prop up consumer spending and incomes

  • Whither nuclear energy?

    03-08-2020 23:30:00

    The anti-nuclear lobby, which was so effectively sidelined 10 years ago, may be having the last laugh

  • Public works: Lessons from history

    02-07-2020 22:11:00

    To generate employment and demand, India needs large scale labour-intensive infrastructure projects

  • Needed: Coastal economic zones

    11-06-2020 22:38:00

    CEZs could help improve exports and employment, attract FDI and offer a credible public works programme

  • India's 'new deal' moment

    14-05-2020 23:15:00

    The Covid crisis provides an opportunity to craft a historic renewal programme

  • Needed: A National Renewal Fund

    16-04-2020 00:05:00

    A 50-year National Renewal Fund of Rs 30 trillion or 15 per cent of GDP needs to be structured immediately

  • Bouncing back after Covid-19

    09-04-2020 22:29:00

    The National Infrastructure Pipeline is clearly the mega-stimulus for the post-corona revival effort