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Vinayak Chatterjee

Vinayak Chatterjee

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  • Urban mining

    07-06-2022 23:36:00

    To address appropriate C&DW utilisation, elements of the existing policy framework need to be revisited

  • How safe are India's dams?

    04-05-2022 22:45:00

    The long-term safety of a dam depends on the extent of degradation of its materials, weakening of the foundations and seismological threats

  • Measures to rejuvenate public-private partnerships

    05-04-2022 23:06:00

    Public-private partnership, or PPP, is back in the reckoning with numerous new projects from ropeways to logistics parks being offered under this format

  • Procurement policy needs to cover more ground

    02-03-2022 00:00:00

    The most authoritative aspect of the current notification is that its provisions are now part of the General Financial Rules of the Union of India

  • Time to focus on project execution

    04-02-2022 00:07:00

    'The status of mega projects under the control of state governments is not available', says the author

  • Infra expectations from Budget

    10-01-2022 23:11:00

    The Union Budget could send a strong signal that surety bonds will be made fully operational in 2022-23

  • A new era in public procurement

    06-12-2021 23:46:00

    The phenomenon of "irrational bidding" exists where the Indian private sector has not distinguished itself in the past

  • Green hydrogen makes a debut

    16-11-2021 23:36:00

    Rapidly bringing down green hydrogen costs is clearly a laudable national goal and worthy of government support

  • Gati Shakti: Connecting the silos

    28-10-2021 22:35:00

    There is talk of having the Gati Shakti programme initiate changes in the administrative framework at the ground level

  • Getting to grips with net-zero

    06-10-2021 00:19:00

    India has unleashed a variety of policies and measures to reach the net-zero goal

  • Rolling out the EV charging network

    07-09-2021 22:58:00

    The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 provides the overall vision

  • Jal Jeevan Mission: Flowing in the right direction

    09-08-2021 22:25:00

    Rural India has 18.93 crore households of whom only 17 per cent had some version of a tap water connection

  • Re-nationalising British Rail

    13-07-2021 22:38:00

    Vinayak Chatterjee looks at the stresses in public-private partnerships

  • Moving on the infrastructure agenda

    01-06-2021 23:12:00

    Globally, municipal bonds are an established and major source of funding for urban infra. However, the municipal bond market is quite underdeveloped in India, notes Vinayak Chatterjee

  • India needs a new Highway Services Authority

    04-05-2021 22:23:00

    Moving on to technology, the new leap of faith is that toll collections are poised to shift to a GPS-based system