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Vir Sanghvi

Vir Sanghvi

Vir Sanghvi

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  • The new ideology of politics

    26-05-2022 22:48:00

    India is fighting an old battle again, with two ideas of the country colliding with each other

  • Nehru for the post-truth era

    21-04-2022 23:12:00

    His legacy has been all but drowned out by social media lies and mainstream media forgeries that have replaced his ideas of a pluralistic, diverse and free India

  • 2024 elections a done deal?

    24-03-2022 22:47:00

    This is what PM Modi believes but Prashant Kishor and Opposition leaders are of the opinion that the BJP can still lose

  • Reckoning with a divided India

    24-02-2022 23:26:00

    No matter who wins the Assembly elections, the idea of India has already lost

  • Another wave, same old politics

    18-01-2022 23:30:00

    India's battle against Covid has been hampered by the government's desire to politicise the vaccine programme and by the arrogance of those in charge of the battle

  • A stark spectacle by any other name

    22-12-2021 23:20:00

    It may be a stretch to compare this week's lynchings to the situation in Punjab in the 1980s, but they are a reminder of what can happen when politicians turn a blind eye to religious violence

  • What India doesn't get about free speech

    24-11-2021 23:38:00

    In calling for Vir Das and Kangana Ranaut's arrest, Indians are repeating the blunder of choosing knee-jerk responses over matters of principle

  • The process is the punishment

    22-10-2021 01:33:00

    The refusals to grant bail to Aryan Khan and the persecution of Rhea Chakraborty show the lower courts in India today pay no attention to the highest court's pronouncements

  • Fading memories of a terror attack

    14-09-2021 23:05:00

    The parallels between 9/11 and 26/11 are many, but the differences in the ways in which the two countries have coped in the aftermath are also striking

  • Searching for the Indian right

    18-08-2021 00:04:00

    Mr Modi's supporters are eager to call themselves right-wing, but what do they stand for really?

  • Mixed messages and a muddle

    20-07-2021 22:35:00

    In supporting Mr Sidhu in Punjab, the Congress has created more confusion over what it stands for

  • BJP: As safe as a big bank

    14-06-2021 23:28:00

    After West Bengal, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have recognised the next run on their bank might come in Uttar Pradesh

  • It's not over till it's over

    17-05-2021 22:54:00

    Despite the disastrous handling of the pandemic, Narendra Modi could still bounce back

  • Vaccination drive: An Utsav without utsah

    13-04-2021 23:54:00

    After watching the government mess up its handling of Covid, people want a strategy, not participatory stunts

  • Making a show of outrage, once again

    17-03-2021 23:31:00

    The controversy over Bombay Begums makes one thing clear: India desperately needs transparent regulation for streaming services