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Y V Reddy

Y V Reddy

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  • DFIs: Look before you leap

    06-12-2019 00:52:00

    Before setting up any new development bank, the govt must examine the contribution and performance of the existing ones

  • Towards a sensible gold policy

    07-11-2019 23:48:00

    The industry should not be overregulated in the name of developing it or curbing black money

  • The way forward for public sector banks

    02-10-2019 00:04:00

    Regulation and supervision of all banks should be made ownership neutral

  • The legacy issues of public sector banks

    13-09-2019 01:08:00

    Disappearance of public sector banks will be resented by the common man

  • Risks to fiscal federalism

    02-08-2019 00:59:00

    To minimise risks, the president may consider seeking response from states and the Centre on the 15th Finance Commission's suggestions

  • Sovereign bonds: The big picture

    18-07-2019 03:31:00

    India must work on a road map towards capital account openness, in which sovereign bond is back-loaded, not front-loaded

  • Whither central bank independence

    24-06-2019 01:21:00

    The signal from the RBI governor is that the balance will tilt in favour of the inter-dependence of policies and implicit coordination with the government

  • Drop the idea of simultaneous polls

    02-05-2018 05:59:00

    In concluding part of the series, the author says the proposal for simultaneous polls strikes at the root of the grand design of the Constitution based on dual polity that has served us well so far

  • Should India have simultaneous polls?

    01-05-2018 05:53:00

    In the first of a two-part series, the author argues that while the merits of the proposal to hold simultaneous elections to Parliament and all state Assemblies appear self-evident, the reality might

  • Options to de-stress public sector banks

    08-02-2018 05:55:00

    The degrees of freedom available for govt's arbitrary decisions are circumscribed by financial market dynamics

  • Distributed ledger technology needs close monitoring

    28-10-2017 20:42:00

    Distributed ledger technology could challenge the practice of central clearing