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  • Suvojoy Sengupta

    Why smart meters are imperative for discoms Suvojoy Sengupta

    The Covid-19 crisis is also an opportunity for accelerating the rollout and adoption of smart metering

  • Harsh Kumar Bhanwala & Nirupam Mehrotra

    Agri-infrastructure needs a push Harsh Kumar Bhanwala & Nirupam Mehrotra

    Facilities that help reduce post-harvest wastage of produce will also boost farmers' incomes

  • Saibal Chatterjee

    Bollywood's biggest bane isn't nepotism Saibal Chatterjee

    Isn't nepotism - or favouritism, if you will - a reality in every industry, every walk of life, and every line of work?

  • Bhuvana Anand, Jayana Bedi &  Prashant Narang

    What about 'unlock' for vendors? Bhuvana Anand, Jayana Bedi & Prashant Narang

    Only a clear set of instructions and an unambiguous whip to police and municipal officials can prevent harassment of street hawkers

  • Chintan Girish Modi

    The power of black Chintan Girish Modi

    With a running time of 89 minutes, this film was directed by Nadia Hallgren who followed her high-profile protagonist on a 34-city book tour to promote her bestselling memoir Becoming

  • Suhit K Sen

    New ball game Suhit K Sen

    This will be a completely different kind of a tour, with empty stands, new rules, and different logistics

  • Akhil Bansal

    Blueprint for a more healthy economy Akhil Bansal

    What we need is a map - an economic blueprint - that will address the need for domestic growth and put in place measures that will make India attractive for foreign investment.

  • Jyoti Parikh

    Covid-19 in perspective Jyoti Parikh

    Indians have long seen deadlier diseases. We need to take all precautions and get on with our lives

  • Mark Buchanan

    Quarantine is terrible, but it works Mark Buchanan

    Lockdowns have been costly, but they helped us avoid a far worse catastrophe.

  • Suman Bery, Chatib Basri & Peter Drysdale

    Asia needs India for post-Covid cooperation Suman Bery, Chatib Basri & Peter Drysdale

    India's pivotal position in South Asia, its strong economic ties with ASEAN+6 countries and its presence in the G20 make its participation critical

  • Anjor Bhaskar & Debmalya Nandy

    Five ways to overhaul the rural jobs scheme Anjor Bhaskar & Debmalya Nandy

    Five immediate steps are required to strengthen MGNREGS after the budget enhancement.

  • Shalander Kumar, Arabinda K Padhee & Anjani Kumar

    Reviving the farm economy Shalander Kumar, Arabinda K Padhee & Anjani Kumar

    The return of migrant workers to their villages offers an opportunity to give agribusiness a leg-up

  • Indira Kannan

    Protection to fashion Indira Kannan

    They must be worn and taken off properly to ensure any contaminated surfaces don't to­u­ch the face, and if reusable, washed re­gularly

  • Sunil Sinha

    Understanding the migrants Sunil Sinha

    Availability of credible data is critical to integrating these workers in development programmes

  • Pavitra Mohan & Jagdish Rattanani

    What it will take to live with the virus Pavitra Mohan & Jagdish Rattanani

    Mild cases can stay at home and recover, while moderately severe cases can be managed at primary health care facilities. This will reduce the overburdening of hospitals