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  • Suhit Sen

    Ownership rights Suhit Sen

    There really is no reason to assume that cricketers, other sportspersons and 'role models' in general will remain impervious to the spirit that is abroad

  • Harsh V Pant

    India and China: A new phase? Harsh V Pant

    In the wake of America's unilateral approach to trade disputes, China reaches out to India and underscores the need for the two nations to jointly fight protectionism

  • Vikram Johri

    Dark tales of our connected age Vikram Johri

    American Vandal brings out the deeply invasive nature of social media, among other things

  • Swati Narayan

    The Aadhaar verdict and class bias Swati Narayan

    So far, only the Delhi government has discontinued monthly Aadhaar authentication in ration shops

  • Ashok Haldia

    Why hydropower needs a push Ashok Haldia

    Despite being an important and cheap source of clean and renewable energy, hydropower's share in India's energy mix has been declining

  • Veer Arjun Singh

    The innocent men of #MeToo Veer Arjun Singh

    Not nearly as many, but a lot of men are looking to learn from their ghosts of Christmas past

  • Suhit Sen

    United disunited Suhit Sen

    Led by record signing Paul Pogba, a larger section of players have made it clear that they don't want to work with the manager, Jose Mourinho

  • Apoorva Javadekar

    What's the fair value for Indian rupee? Apoorva Javadekar

    What is the precise risk in the equities that investors require premium to hold it?

  • Jyoti Parikh

    Managing Ujjwala in the times of volatile fuel prices Jyoti Parikh

    How do we ensure the good intentions of giving affordable clean fuels to poor women while managing subsidy burden? Jyoti Parikh asks

  • Prasanth Regy, Vijay Mahajan & Jagmeet Singh

    Financial inclusion: A long way to go Prasanth Regy, Vijay Mahajan & Jagmeet Singh

    The All India Rural Financial Inclusion Survey by Nabard shows while rural India is no longer predominantly agricultural, access to financial services remains weak

  • Jeffrey Koplan & Harish Iyer

    Curbing infant mortality rates using innovation Jeffrey Koplan & Harish Iyer

    Deaths in children under the age of five will be identified and studied using a mixture of approaches. A seven-country surveillance system has been developed

  • Harsh V Pant

    Behind the US-China trade war Harsh V Pant

    This is a high-stakes strategic conflict between a power which wants to preserve the status quo in its favour and one which wants to usurp that throne. The rest is all theatre

  • M J Akbar

    Prosperity that is not shared will not survive M J Akbar

    We do not have to look far to see the degeneration that can diminish hope, destroy promise: Afghanistan is next door

  • Vikram Johri

    A fine job Vikram Johri

    The film's portrait of the hollowing out of Middle America in the aftermath of the crisis provides a consummate precursor to the election of a man who promised to 'make America great again'

  • Rashesh Shah

    The fair value of rupee Rashesh Shah

    It is important to ensure that India is competitive. As such, Rs 72-73 to a dollar may be the right level