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  • Jeffrey Koplan & Harish Iyer

    Curbing infant mortality rates using innovation Jeffrey Koplan & Harish Iyer

    Deaths in children under the age of five will be identified and studied using a mixture of approaches. A seven-country surveillance system has been developed

  • Harsh V Pant

    Behind the US-China trade war Harsh V Pant

    This is a high-stakes strategic conflict between a power which wants to preserve the status quo in its favour and one which wants to usurp that throne. The rest is all theatre

  • M J Akbar

    Prosperity that is not shared will not survive M J Akbar

    We do not have to look far to see the degeneration that can diminish hope, destroy promise: Afghanistan is next door

  • Vikram Johri

    A fine job Vikram Johri

    The film's portrait of the hollowing out of Middle America in the aftermath of the crisis provides a consummate precursor to the election of a man who promised to 'make America great again'

  • Rashesh Shah

    The fair value of rupee Rashesh Shah

    It is important to ensure that India is competitive. As such, Rs 72-73 to a dollar may be the right level

  • Aparna Mittal

    A circumscribed view of paternity benefits Aparna Mittal

    Legal matrimony as the basis for granting benefits is an artificial distinction and also a narrow construct of paternity

  • Abhishek A Rastogi & Pratyushprava Saha

    Intensive care for exports Abhishek A Rastogi & Pratyushprava Saha

    India has to meet several challenges, at the structural and policy level, to boost exports

  • Gopal Krishna Agarwal

    Why renewable energy is so vital for India Gopal Krishna Agarwal

    To reduce our dependence on imported oil, we need to generate more energy from coal and lignite, and also focus on electricity generation from hydro, wind and solar

  • Jayant Sinha

    Drones, the next business frontier Jayant Sinha

    Drone-driven applications are a vast and intriguing new market opportunity for India's entrepreneurs

  • Sushma Swaraj

    Prosperity and security go hand-in-hand Sushma Swaraj

    India considers the Indian Ocean Rim Association as an important instrument for achieving peace and security, says Swaraj

  • Vivek Sharma

    The road out of energy poverty Vivek Sharma

    The ultimate cost of energy poverty is far greater than what it takes to provide continuous power to all through an efficient and transparent ecosystem

  • Amrit Dhillon

    End of #metoo? Amrit Dhillon

    Instead of focusing on a specific goal, such as getting Weinstein behind bars and cleaning up Hollywood, it allowed every wannabe with any kind of claim to jump on the bandwagon

  • Kumar Rajesh

    Why more women are needed in Parliament Kumar Rajesh

    It is evident that India will benefit hugely if the representation of women in Parliament is increased to a just level

  • Rashmi Deshpande & Anjali Krishnan

    Are anti-profiteering provisions legal? Rashmi Deshpande & Anjali Krishnan

    Since the govt claims its biggest achievement after one year of GST is to have kept inflation in check, the question is, will the continued existence of anti-profiteering provisions serve any purpose?

  • Usha Padhee

    Giving wings to the common man Usha Padhee

    As the Centre readies to extend regional air connectivity scheme to tourist destinations, the real challenges are improving preparedness of airports and airlines, and getting more state govts on board