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Fighting Insomnia the Natural Way

The next day after a sleepless night is always challenging.

Anurag Khare 


The next day after a sleepless night is always challenging. One may not have been able to because of chronic or work or some other reason but if an individual has not slept well then sleepiness and awaits him the next day. So, how to hold on despite lack of and Here are some natural methods and tips for rejuvenating oneself after a sleepless night.

Take a quick nap - This is a proven strategy, a quick rejuvenating power nap should be between 10 to 20 minutes. Anything over that will make the person fall into a deep One can also opt for a micro nap. Relax in sitting position with some article in your hand, feel your body relaxing. Five minutes later, as one will fall asleep the article in one’s hand will eventually fall to the ground and thus waking him up.

Massage - A self-can help one get back the required energy after a sleepless night. But please note that the has to be a spirited one as a soothing and relaxing will make one fall asleep, the goal here is not to fall asleep.

Scottish Shower - This good old method still works. is a hot shower followed by splash of cold water. The is stimulating; it improves blood circulation and also helps to re-oxygenate the body. After this shower, one will be more tranquil.

Aerate - Taking a breath of fresh air is a good way to wake up. Inhale deeply to inflate your stomach and lungs. Then, slowly exhale. This will eliminate the toxins, clean the blood and fill you up with oxygen. A walk in fresh air in a park or a little jogging if at all possible will also help shake off the

and green tea - Coffee, just like an energy drink, gives a boost of energy for around 30 minutes. Under the effect of caffeine and sugar one will feel energised temporarily. But the energy levels will again drop after the effect of caffeine is over. Thus first to wake up well and then extend its effects with green tea with mint, without sugar. One can even drink green tea throughout the day. Mint is very energizing but if you're not a fan, you can replace it with a rosemary tea which has the same benefits.

Eat protein rich breakfast - The best way to gain strength and wake up well is to eat and stock up on protein. Food articles rich in protein will stimulate the cells of the nervous system and help keep one awake. Eggs, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, wholemeal bread and even a banana can be a good alternative to glucose rich butter or white bread or jam.

Longer sleeping hours or hitting the bed early - After a bad night’s sleep, the best way to compensate for the lost and to fight against sleepiness or is to extend the morning by an hour or so. Also if one has undergone a struggle throughout the day because of lack of the previous night, it’s best to hit the bed and early on the following day. This will ensure that one completes the amount of required for the coming day.

Consume small meals - Digesting a hearty meal requires energy. Thus it is better to take several light meals during the day. Instead of three heavy meals it’s best to consume five or so small meals spread throughout the day starting from the morning breakfast.

First Published: Mon, January 15 2018. 15:21 IST