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IPL 2018: SRH's Deepak Hooda does a Houdini's Act to defeat MI by 1 wicket

Sunrisers Hyderabad will look to the depth and variety in its bowling attack to counter the might of Mumbai batting which have the likes of Rohit Sharma, Even Lewis, and Ishan Kishan

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IPL 2018, Deepak Hooda and Ben Stanlake after winning the nail-biting encounter against Mumbai Indians. Photo: PTI
Deepak Hooda and Ben Stanlake after winning the nail-biting encounter against Mumbai Indians. Photo: PTI

Sunrisers Hyderabad won their second match of against Mumbai Indians by 1 wicket in a nail-biting encounter. Chasing a modest target of 148 in 20 overs, and Wridimann Saha gave Sunrisers Hyderabad a flying start as they crossed 50 run mark in the 6 overs of Powerplay. But Mumbai Indians Pulled it back by taking wickets at regular intervals. In the last two overs, Sunrisers Hyderabad needed 12 runs off 12 balls and Mustafizur Rahman gave only 1 run and took 2 wickets. Ben Cutting came to bowl the last over for Mumbai Indians, SRH's Deepak Hooda dispatched the first ball of the last ball for six as they needed 11 runs in last over. That brings the deficit down to 5 runs of 5 balls. Both Stanlake and Deepak Hooda held their nerve and brought the deficit down to 1 run of 1 ball. Stanlake hit a boundary over midwicket to seal the game for Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Here are over by over and Sunrisers Hyderabad, Mumbai Indians innings analysis, highlights

Sunrisers Hyderabad innings: Over by over Pradeep Sangwan bowling first over. and Wriddhiman Saha are on the crease.

Over 1: Saha took one run of the first ball. Shikar hit the 2nd ball for 4. The third ball he took single. Dot, dot, and single of the last ball of the over. At the end of first over. SRH 7/0

Over 2: Bumarah came to bowl. First ball dot. Singles of 2nd, 3rd, 4th ball. Dhawan hit four of the 5th ball. Takes a cheeky single off the last ball. At the end of

Over 3: Sangwan bowling the third over. Dhawan hit the first ball for four, took a single off the second ball that is leg bye. Saha dropped off the third ball and ball gone for 4. Dot ball. Short ball, top edge goes for four. Last ball of the 3rd ball for no run

Over 4: Ben Cutting bowling, Dhawan takes single. Second ball for goes for 1 run. Third ball again a single. The 4th ball hit for four over the bowler’s head. Single of the fifth ball. Two runs of the last ball. Over 5: Krunal into the attack. Easy pickings for SRH. Just four runs conceded. Tighter line and variation helped him. End of over: SRH 42-0 Over 6: Bhumra is back and Dhawan drives him through the covers for four. Dhawan takes two. Steps out, swings and misses. Off the pads, flicked off the leg side, four for Dhawan. Good shot. Inside edge misses the stumps, gone for four. End of over: 56-0 Over 7: Markande comes to the attack. Dhawan hits a four. Single, that was quick. Saha on strike misreads and his caught in front of the stump, appeal turned down, reviewed. He is given out. Saha goes for 22. comes in. Takes a single. End of over: SRH 63-1 Over 8: Mustafizur Rahman comes to the attack. Easy single. Dhawan pulls and pulls for four. He is in good touch. Dot ball. That was a risky single. Had it hit the stump, Dhawan would have gone. Mumbai needs that kind of lucky dismissals. Kane edges one and gets a four. Huge huge appeal for caught behind, turned down, reviewed. There is the spike on the ultra edge! and he is out! is out for 6. End of over: SRH 73-2 Over 9: joins Dhawan. Markande continues. Dot ball. Cheeky single. No need for such risks. Dhawan sweeps in the air, and Bhumra takes it, a flurry of wickets. Dhawan goes for 45. Manish hits it for a four. Shakin joins him. End of over: SRH 81-3 Over 10: Six runs came off the over. Over 11: takes two off Markande. Hits high in the air, and he is out, clean catch by Pandey has gone for 11. Hooda in smashes hard for four. End of over: SRH 94-4 Over 12: Rahman continues. Shakib takes a single. A cheeky single by Hooda. Shakib cuts for four. Pushed onto the leg side, Shakib takes a double. Full toss fails to put away. Just a single. Another single. End of over: SRH 104-4 Over 13: Markande continues, a few singles. Shakib plays it onto the stumps. He's gone. Fourth wicket for Markande. Shakib out for 12. comes in. Over 14: Cutting into the attack. Pathan hits it for a four. Single. Hooda takes a single. Less than run a ball required. End of over: SRH 114-5. Need 34 from 36. Over 15: Bhumra is back. Precious dot ball. Single to Hooda. Single to Patha. One run to Hooda. Pathan hits it high, the fielder throws it in, saving a definite six. Just a single. Two runs to Hooda. End of over: SRH 121-5 Over 16: Rahman continues, two dots and two singles. Rohit changing field. Just a single. Dot to end the over. 24 needed from 24. Over 17: Hooda pushed onto the leg side, calls for two, there is a chance of a run out. Saved. two runs added. Another single. Another ball, same shot, single taken. Very sensible cricket. Another single. Miss. Rare dot ball. Pathan hits a four. End of over: SRH 133-5. Need 15 from 18. Over 18: Bhumra comes to the attack, this is a crucial over. One run for Hooda. Single for Yusuf barely reached the ball. Good yorker, played well, one run taken. Yusuf gone, Pulled one and Pollard takes it. Rashid Khan comes in and he is gone, caught behind. Bhumra on a hat-trick, Kaul survives. End of over. SRh 136-7. Need run-a-ball 12. Over 19: Hooda takes a single. Dot ball. Swing and a miss. Rahman is bowling very sensibly. Kaul is caught and bowled by Rahman. two dots. What a spell by Rahman. Sandeep Singh hits and he is out for a duck. End of over: SRH 137-9 Over 20: 11 needed from 6 balls. Here is another cliffhanger. Ben Cutting to bowl the final over. Hooda on strike. Huge six. Low full toss. Wide! Not what you need at this time. Far from off stump, dot ball. Precious. Straight drive, single. This brings Stanlake on strike. Mumbai has a real chance. Single is taken somehow. 2 from 2. Hooda back on strike. Just falls short of the fielder. One run. Is super over on cards? Stanlake hits a four. SRH win by one wicket. Sunrisers Hyderabad innings analysis after 18 overs Chasing a modest target 148, Dhawan and Saha gave SRH the perfect start. In the first over, the openers scored 7 runs with a help of a boundary of Sangawan first over. Bumrah gave away 8 runs in the second over of the innings with a boundary of the 5th ball. continues his form in his second match of the as he scored 34 runs off 18 balls after the end of the powerplay. Sunrisers Hyderabad was cruising after the end of the Powerplay as they scored 56 runs. Saha supported the Dhawan and scored 21 runs off 18 balls. In the last, over of the powerplay, Bumrah gave 14 runs as the Mumbai Indian’s miseries continue as they dropped Saha's catch twice in the powerplay. After a flying start in the powerplay, came to bowl for MI. Markande cant restricts Dhawan as he looked unstoppable. But he is able to fox Saha of the googly and got his wicket after Rohit reviewed umpires, not out a decision in his first over. came to bat after the Sahan got trapped in front of the wicket. Mustafizur Rahman came to bowl the 8th over and greeted him with a four after Williamson takes a single off his first ball. Mumbai Indian patchy work continues in the field as they dropped catches and not able to hit the wicket. In the 8th over Williamson and scored 10 runs before Williamson got our caught behind wicket after MI reviewed the umpire’s not out decision. Its two in two for Mumbai Indians as they successfully overturned two not out decision in their favour. scored 6 runs off 4 balls. Marakande pulled back for Mumbai Indians after two successful reviews as he took the wicket of inform He scored 45 runs off 28 balls with a strike rate of 160.71. in the 9th over of the inning, Marakande gives 8 runs and took a wicket. After the end of the 9th over and Shakib Al Hasan were at the crease

After getting the top order, Mumbai Indian’s looked to turned the things around thanks to the DRS. Senseless batting by as he got out in the second over of the Marakande’s over. This shot was not needed given the situation of the game. In the 11th over 7 runs and one wicket. After Pandey’s dismissal, Deepak Hooda came to the crease. Mustafizur Rahman came to bowl the 12th over, the match is in an equally balanced situation as Mumbai Indian taking wickets at regular interval. In the Mustafizur’s 2nd over gave away 10 runs as the deficit came down to 44 runs.

In the 13th over of the innings, Marakande got the wicket of Shakib Al Hasan of googly and the match again shifted in the favour of the Mumbai Indians. In his last over Marakande gave away only 3 runs and get the wicket of Bangladeshi captain. Shakib Al scored 12 runs of 12 balls. came to the crease after falling of 5th wicket. Ben Cutting bowled the 14th over of the innings and gave 7 runs, SRH needs 34 runs in 36 balls with 5 wickets in hand. brings his key Bowler Bumrah to bowl the 15th over and gave away 7 runs.

After the end of 15th over Sunrisers Hyderabad needed 27 runs in 30 balls. Ben Cutting came to bowl his 3rd over and Hooda picked 2 runs, off the hips to deep midwicket. Hooda and Yusuf scampered across for the second. The throw is to the keeper's end and Hooda dishes out a desperate full-length dive and just makes it. Deepak Hooda and curbed their natural instinct and marching towards the target in singles and doubles. In the 17th over, Ben Cutting gave 5 runs in first 5 balls before hit for a boundary of the last ball. Wicketless Bumrah came to bowl the 18th over of the inning, gave 3 runs and took successive wickets of 4th and 5th ball and ends his quota of over with 2 wickets. Deepak Hooda and added 29 runs together in 28 balls before Pathan got out while trying to pull Bumrah over midwicket. As Sunrisers Hyderabad needed 12 runs off 12 balls, Mustafizur came to bowl the penultimate over. Deepal Hooda took a single off the first ball and Siddharth Kaul played 2 dot balls before getting out for a duck. Mumbai is right back into the game as Deepak Hooda alone recognized batsman. Sandeep Sharma came top bat after the fall of 8th wicket. Mustafizur brought Mumbai Indians back into a winning situation as SRH needed 11 runs in 6 balls with one wicket in hand. Deepak Hooda will face the last over and Ben Cutting bowled the last over. Hooda deposited first ball o last over for a six over cover.

Cutting bowled the second ball wide now SRH needed 4 of 5. Hooda failed to score of the 5th ball. Hooda took a single off the 4th ball which brings Stanlake on strike. Stanlake managed to get single of the 4th ball. Now SRH needed 2 of 2. Hooda tries to flick Cutting over fine leg but manage to get only one run and Stanlake did it for Sunrisers Hyderabad as he hit the last ball of the innings for four. SRH won by 1 wicket.

Sunrisers Hyderabad Full Scoreboard
Batsmen - Runs
W Saha lbw Markande 22
S Dhawan c Bumrah b Markande 45
K Williamson c Kishan b Mustafizur 6
M Pandey c Rohit b Markande 11
Shakib b Markande 12
D Hooda not out 32
Y Pathan c Pollard b Bumrah 14
R Khan c Kishan b Bumrah 0
S Kaul c & b Mustafizur 0
S Sharma c Krunal b Mustafizur 0
B Stanlake not out 2

Extras (lb-3, w-1) 4

Total (For 9 wkts, 20 Ov) 148

Fall of Wickets: 1-62, 2-73, 3-77, 4-89, 5-107, 6-136, 7-136, 8-137, 9-137

Bowler: Sangwan 2-0-19-0, Bumrah 4-0-32-2, Cutting 4-0-37-0, Krunal 2-0-10-0, Markande 4-0-23-4, Mustafizur 4-0-24-3.

Mumbai Indians innings. Over by over Over 1: and Evin Lewis open for MI. Sandeep Sharma starts off for SRH. What a beauty of a ball. beaten all hands up. It is in the air and dropped. Rohit gets a lifeline. It was a sitter. Sandeep won't be happy seeing that. Three men converging and yet dropped. Just one run. End of the over. MI 1-0. Over 2: Billy Stanlake is into the attack. Rohit plays his trademark pull short and it is six. Better line by Stanlake, no run. This one bounced a bit, no run. Pitched it up a little, Rohit hits it well through covers, cracking four. Flicked off the pads and taken, Rohit is gone. Well taken by Shakib. Rohit has gone for 11. There was no proper feet movement by Rohit but was a good catch. End of over: MI 11-1. Over 3: Ishan Kishan comes in. Lewis pulls Sandeep hard for six. Terrific shot. Two more runs to Lewis. Edged, gone for four. Lucky for Ishan it did not hit the stumps. Edged again, this time deliberately by Ishan, goes for four again. End of over: MI 28-1

Over 4: Stanlake gets hit for four by Lewis, beautiful shot. Good ball, no run. That's on the glove, painful blow. Lewis hits another four. Nota good show by Stanlake. Wide, missing the line. Lewis steps aside, wacks Stanlake for six over covers. What a shot. Dot ball. End of over: MI 43-1

Over 5: Rashid comes into the attack. Dot. Dot. Dot. Very impressive. Ishan Kishan tries a reverse sweep. Barely connects, but goes for four. In the air, and dropped, this time it is Sandeep. Very sloppy work. End of over: MI 48-1

Over 6: Siddarth Kaul comes to the attack. Good line, dot ball. Kishan swings, the ball takes the edge and is high in the air, at third man completes the catch. Ishan goes for 9. Kaul does the trick for his team. Suryakumar Yadav joins Lewis. Dot ball. Half volley to Lewis and he smashes it for four. Straight drive. Lewis steps aside, hits in the air, ball drops in no man's land, two runs. Bowled him! Dangerous looking Lewis is clean bowled by Kaul. What an over. End of Over: MI 54-3 Over 7: Shakib al Hasan bowls a tight line, just the one run scored in the over.

Over 8: Krunal Pandya comes in. Sandeep Sharma is keeping it very tight. Just a two and a single. Another single to end the over. End of over: MI 59-3. Over 9: Shakib is back, wide. One run chipped away by Yadav. Driven through to the leg side, Krunal takes two. Krunal drives it through the covers for four. Reverse sweep by Krunal, that's four, very intelligent batting. Played it too early, Krunal edged it and he perishes to the class of Shakib. Fourth wicket down. Pollard comes in. End of over: MI 72-4 Over 10: Stanlake is back. Two dots and Yadav pulls him for a four. Takes a single. Two more dots. Pollard takes a single. Relatively decent over. End of over: MI 78-4 Over 11: Rashid to continue. Pollard defends. Another dot. Well defended. Yet another dot. Pollard is simply defending. Trying to settle in. Straight over Rashid's head for four. Dot ball. End of over: MI 82-4 Over 12: Kaul to continue. Yadav plays straight to the fielder. Bounced over the head. Chipped onto the leg side, one run. Pollard plays a late cut and a decent over ends up with a four. End of over: MI 87-4

Over 13: Rashid to continue. Yadav misreads. Dot ball. One run. Pollard beaten. Beauty of a ball. Just three runs. End of over: MI 90-1 Over 14: Shakib continues, one run toYadav. Dot ball. Pollard steps out and wacks it for a six, over covers. Easy single. Another single, 100 up for Mumbai Indians. End of over: MI 100-4 Over 15: Stanlake is back and Pollard greets him with a six, down the ground. Too wide outside the off stump, Pollard guides it to the boundary. Swing and a miss. Half-hearted shot, in the air and Pollard is gone. Stanlake is rewarded. Pollard gone for 28. ben Cutting joins. End of over: MI 111-5

Over 16: Shakib is back and Suryakumar is hitting hard now. That's dispatched for six. Four singles, nice strike rotation. End of the over: MI 121-5 Over 17: Kaul is back, Cutting chops for a single. Missed a direct hit, that was risky. Desperate dive by Yadav. One run, that was a quick single. Yadav pulls, didn't connect well. Full toss should have been dispatched. End of over: MI 129-5 Over 18: Rashid is back. Cutting sweeps for four. Cutting steps out and misses, Rashid gets a wicket. Cutting gone for 9. Wide. Pradeep Sangwan joins in. End of over: MI 134-6 Over 19: Two runs for Yadav, easy pickings. Sukumar is out, trying to accelerate. Sangwan is out too. LBW. It was refered to the third umpire. End of over: MI 138-8. Over 20: Bhumrah comes in. Kaul to bowl the last over. runs coming in ones and twos. Final ball sent to the boundary. End of innings: MI 147-8 Mumbai Indians innings analysis at the end of innings Put in to bat first after losing the toss, Mumbai Indian’s captain looked a bit dodgy in the first over of the match as Sandeep Sharma started his first over with pitch-perfect delivery. Rohit got a leading edge of the third ball of the first over but Deepak Hooda dropped the skier. Rohit only able to score 1 run in the first over of the game. In the second over deposited Stanlake’s second ball into the stand and 4th ball for four before getting out of the last ball of the over. Rohit failed second time as he scored 11 runs off 10 balls. Evin Lewis unleashed the calypso music onto SRH’s bowler as he hit a massive six over the fine leg, Ishan Kishan, who came to bat after the Rohit’s wicket, joined Lewis as both collected 17 runs of the 3rd over the inning. Lewis continued his destructive batting in the 4th over as he collected 15 runs of Stanlake’s 2nd over and hit one four and one flat six over the mid off. asked his lethal weapon, Rashid Khan, to stop the run flow and Rashid did so. While trying to break the shackles, Kishan got a top edge but Sandeep Sharma dropped the catch. But Ishan Kishan failed to convert the lifeline into a big inning and got perished. The ball took the top edge and took a good catch at third man boundary. After the Kishan wickets, Evin Lewis thrashed Kaul for the four over mid-off and it seems that he was unstoppable but Kaul delivered for Sunrisers Hyderabad and end the powerplay in a positive note as he took the prized wicket of Evin Lewis. The Mumbai Indians southpaw opener Lewis scored 29 runs off 17 balls with a strike rate of 170.58 After a brilliant 6th over in which Siddharth Kaul gave only 6 runs and took 2 wickets, Shakib gave away only one run in his first over. In the 8th over Sandeep Sharma gave away only 4 runs as Krunal Pandya and Surya Kumar Yadav failed to increase the run rate. In the 9th over, Krunal Pandya played some chicky shot as he manages to score 13 runs in the first 4 balls of Shakib’s over before getting out of the 5th ball of the over. It's a soft dismissal as he scoped the ball in the air and Williamson took an easy catch at short cover. Krunal scored 15 runs in 10 balls. At the end of 9 over Mumbai was reeling at 72 for 4, with Surya Kumar Yadav and Kieron Pollard on the crease. Stanlake came to bowl the 10th over of the inning and gave 6 runs, Pollard is looking uncomfortable against him as he was beaten by Stanlake’s successive deliveries. After the halfway mark, Mumbai Indians were at 78 for 4. Rashid Khan who came to bowl the 11th over of the innings bowled 4 dot balls before getting hit for a four over his head. Pollard who took a maximum strike in last two overlooking rusty as he was not able to get the ball onto the bat. The most successful bowler of SRH till now came to bowl the 12th over and managed to keep the run rate in check as he gave away only 1 run in first 5 balls before getting hit for a four in the third man region. At the end of the 12th over, Mumbai managed to score only 87 runs for 4 wickets at run rate of 7.25 Sunrisers Hyderabad bowler keeping the run rate in check as they bowled tight line and length. Mumbai Indians also playing a risk-free cricket as they are trying to rebuild the inning. In the Rashid Khan’s 3rd over both Yadav and Pollard looked clueless as they managed to score only 3 runs in the 13th over of the Mumbai’s inning. Shakib came to bowl the 14th over and hit for massive six over long off in the 3rd ball of the over. Pollard greeted Stanlake with a six over his head as he came to bowl his final over. The Pollard took responsibility to accelerate the run rate as he managed to score 10 runs but got perished in a bizzare way of the 2nd last ball of the StanLake’s over. Pollard scored 28 runs off 23 balls with a strike rate of 121.73. Ben Cutting came to crease after Pollard’s wicket. After the prized wicket of Pollard, Surya Kumar Yadav took the responsibility to increase the run-rate. He struck 2nd ball of the Shakib’s final over for a six over long off and collected 10 runs of his 4th over. Siddharth Kaul, most successful SRH till now, came to bowl 17th over of the inning giving away only 7 runs. In his 3 overs Kaul gave away only 19 runs and took two important wickets. Rashid Khan who came to bowl his 4th over gave away only 8 runs in his 3 overs with 14 dot balls. In his 4th over, after hitting for a four on 2nd delivery, he got the wicket of Cutting’s wicket. In his full quota of overs he gave away only 13 runs with 1 wicket. He made a record of bowling maximum dot balls in the In the 18th over, Sandeep Sharma took two wickets in two balls to diminish the MI’s any hope of some acceleration in the last 2 overs. He got rid of Surya Kumar Yadav and Pradeep Sangwan. In his 4 overs, he gave away only 25 runs and took 2 wickets. Siddharth Kaul came to bowl the last over of Mumbai Indian’s innings and gave 5 runs in first 5 balls before getting hit for the four in the last ball of the innings. Mumbai didn’t manage to cross 150 runs mark as the scoreboard says its 147 for 8.
Mumbai Indians Full Scoreboard
Batsmen - Runs
R Sharma c Shakib b Stanlake 11
E Lewis b Kaul 29
I Kishan c Pathan b Kaul 9
S Yadav c Hooda b Sandeep 28
K Pandya c Williamson b Shakib 15
K Pollard c Dhawan b Stanlake 28
B Cutting b Rashid 9
P Sangwan lbw Sandeep 0
M Markande not out 6
J Bumrah not out 4

Extras (lb-4, w-3, nb-1) 8

Total (For 8 wickets, 20 Ov) 147

Fall of Wickets: 1-11, 2-48, 3-54, 4-72, 5-110, 6-133, 7-136, 8-136

Bowling: Sandeep 4-0-25-2, Stanlake 4-0-42-2, Rashid 4-0-13-1, Kaul 4-0-29-2, Shakib 4-0-34-1.

Here are the players who will take the field for Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad today:

Mumbai Indians Playing XI: (c), Evin Lewis, Ishan Kishan (w), Suryakumar Yadav, Pradeep Sangwan, Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Ben Cutting, Mayank Markande, Mustafizur Rahman, Jasprit Bumrah

Sunrisers Hyderabad Playing XI: Wriddhiman Saha (w), Shikhar Dhawan, (c), Manish Pandey, Deepak Hooda, Yusuf Pathan, Shakib Al Hasan, Rashid Khan, Billy Stanlake, Siddarth Kaul, Sandeep Sharma

Bhuvneshwar Kumar didn't played for Sunrisers Hyderabad against Mumbai Indians. Team Head to Head Overall Matches played: 11 Sunrisers Hyderabad won: 6 Mumbai Indians won: 5 Trivia ahead of SRH vs MI
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar has an outstanding record against the Mumbai Indians; in 8 IPL matches – while playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad – he has taken 14 wickets and has an economy rate of 5.67.
  • will have fond memories of the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad; the venue used to be his home ground when represented the Deccan Chargers, and more recently, he lifted the IPL trophy after winning last season’s final.

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