Meet the creators of Watch Dogs

08 Jun 2014

Watch Dogs, arguably the most-awaited game this year, was five years in the making

Chetan Kanojia - the lone Indian battling the goliaths of American TV

23 Apr 2014

He may not be as prominent as the dozen other CEOs of Indian origin now leading major global firms in the US. But Chet or Chetan Kanojia, ...

Meet WhatsApp founders- a facebook reject and a college dropout

20 Feb 2014

Social media giant Facebook shocked the world today when it announced the acquisition of mobile messaging service Whatsapp for a whopping ...

Some consider MSR India Mecca of theoretical computer science: Jeannette Wing

24 Jan 2014

Established in 1991, Microsoft Research (MSR) is one of the largest software research organisations in the world. The organisation has ...

We are working on making Android enterprise-ready: Amit Singh

25 Dec 2013

Around 60 per cent of Fortune 500 companies are already on the client list of Google, which claims demand for its enterprise applications ...

No relation with the Chinese govt: John Suffolk

10 Dec 2013

Interview with Global cyber security officer & senior vice-president, Huawei Technologies

We want to be a smart connected devices player: Amar Babu

26 Nov 2013

Interview with Managing Director, Lenovo India

CEO race at Microsoft: Who is Satya Nadella?

07 Nov 2013

Indian born Satya Nadella, Executive Vice President of Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise Group is the man responsible for building and ...

We expect significant traffic to come through mobile internet in 1 year: Dinesh Gulati

09 Sep 2013, one of India's leading online B2B marketplaces, assists manufacturers, suppliers and exporters to trade with each other on a ...

We compete in a very small part of internet: Rajan Anandan

13 Aug 2013

Interview with Managing Director, Google India

The computer visionary who invented the Mouse

05 Jul 2013

He set the computing world on fire with a remarkable demonstration before the world's leading computer scientists at a Conference in San ...

To be competitive, you need to focus on building products very rapidly: Werner Vogels

03 Jul 2013

Interview with Chief Technology Officer, Amazon

I don't know if we must've listed before: Sethuraman Mahalingam

07 Feb 2013

Interview with CFO, TCS

Leadership position perception drove e-commerce valuation: Sandeep Singhal

31 Jan 2013

Sandeep Singhal, co-founder Nexus Venture Partners, is among the handful of venture capitalists (VC) who spotted the India opportunity ...

Life after Hotmail

19 Jan 2013

For Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail, one of the first free e-mail services in the world, Chennai is special. Twenty-four years ago, ...

Hyper growth means eating other's lunch: T K Kurien

19 Jan 2013

Despite a better than expected performance by its information technology services business, Wipro has given a muted forecast for the ...

It's business as usual, you should see an uptick: N Chandrasekaran

16 Jan 2013

N Chandrasekaran, managing director and chief executive, Tata Consultancy Services, does not want to use the phrase ‘cautiously ...

Our growth has been broad-based this quarter: S D Shibulal

12 Jan 2013

After many quarters of disappointing performances, Infosys today delivered strong results. Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director S ...

Twitter appoints Mike Gupta as CFO

20 Dec 2012

Microblogging site Twitter announced two new changes in its top management today. Twitter appointed Mike Gupta as the chief financial ...

India is not a place where huge margins can be made: Neelam Dhawan

14 Dec 2012

Global technology major Hewlett-Packard is going through turbulent times, partly due to some decisions it had taken in the past, and partly ...

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