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Best ways to stay focused at work revealed

ANI  |  Washington 

Limited attention span, restlessness, and distractibility are some of the hallmarks of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which can hamper focus and productivity at work.

Firstly, prioritizing tasks is an important step towards improving focus. A person can make a list then tackle the big jobs first and leave the small stuff for later, ABC News reported.

Secondly, a person should set aside specific periods of time to read e-mail, as they come in all day and night.

Thirdly, like emails, a person should set aside specific times to check and answer their voice mail messages. ourthly, a too-big task can be broken into smaller more manageable bits.

Fifthly, if a person habituates themselves to one place, their mind gets used to the area and they can rev it up to actually make themselves want to work.

Sixthly, a person should look for a quiet place to work.

Seventhly, people should set a timer to go off at certain intervals, as it can help bring a wandering mind back to the work that is at hand.

Eighthly, people should declutter their work space, as having a neat, clean work space can help improve organization and focus.

Ninthly, a person should plan their days, as people are more efficient and productive if they use a day planner or a personal digital assistant (PDA).

Tenthly, a person should take breaks where they can relax.

Next tip is that a person should take notes when they are in a meeting or while they are the phone, as that can help them remember items later.

Another tip is that a person should maintain a routine.

Lastly, a person suffering from ADHD should have people who are well organized.

First Published: Sat, June 22 2013. 13:17 IST