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Pak PM should honour his words to commit suicide, says MQM leader

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(MQM) has said that Pakistani should keep his word to commit suicide rather than approaching the (IMF) for bailout packages.

The MQM recalled that Khan had earlier asserted that he would rather prefer to commit suicide than approaching the global money lender for financial assistance to run the country.

"However, he has shamefully approached the same IMF begging for bailout packages. He should keep his words and should commit suicide now if he believes he is a man," Hussain said.

"had made very tall claims prior to forming his government in connivance with the ghoulish military establishment of Despite, eleven months have passed but he has shamefully failed to meet any of those promises and claims," he said.

"In Pakistan, only two per cent of the elites and the demonic military has been flourishing with plenty of usurped and occupied resources of the country. Ninety-eight per cent of the country's population is facing an acute dearth of resources and even starving," he said.

He further said that Khan had nothing to offer a remedy to the collapsing economy of and its plunging currency that has badly devalued against the US dollar in the recent months.

Hussain noted that people have been deprived of their peace as prices of groceries and edible items are skyrocketing especially during the holy month of

Hussain continued that in the past, the Pakistani military establishment had treated people of East as traitors and butchered them.

Unfortunately, he added, establishment has produced terror organisations and is still patronising them and that is why each single terror act that occurs in any part of the is directly or indirectly connected to Pakistan.

The MQM asserted there are elements in and the (ISI) who sell the country's secrets and they are the real culprits and traitors. Baloch, Pashtuns, and Mohajirs are facing genocide at the hands of the military and the ISI, he added.

Hussian also asked the military and ISI to immediately stop their genocide on the Baloch, Pashtun, and Mohajir. In addition, anyone acknowledged as guilty should be allowed to prove his innocence in the court of law rather than being executed extra-judicially.

The issue of the missing persons under enforced disappearances has reached a point of utter devastation. Those kidnapped from their houses should be produced in courts of law.

Hussian said that the MQM is a liberal and secular movement, struggling for equal rights for all along with peace and tranquillity in Pakistan.

He said that he has always preached for complete religious harmony, peace among different sects and schools of thoughts and his struggle is for the freedom of the oppressed.

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First Published: Sun, May 19 2019. 23:16 IST