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Pakistan, China meddling with demography of Gilgit Baltistan: Sering


Gilgit-Baltistan must re-integrate with India as all documents from history prove that it was a part of this country, said an activist of the province which is under illegal occupation of Pakistan.

Senge H. Sering, Director of Institute for Gilgit Baltistan Studies in Washington, said here on Tuesday that Pakistan is changing the demography of Gilgit-Baltistan region and even China is helping in that process.

Pakistanis have taken all the jobs in the region and there are massive human rights violations taking place in the region, he said at a seminar on 'Recent Developments in Pakistan-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir'.

"All documents from history prove that Gilgit Baltistan was a part of India and it is in the interest of the GB to integrate with India...We need to build bridges with India and the international communities. We have to integrate with India and become part of Ladakh," he said.

Later, speaking to ANI, he said, "Pakistan does not have a legal right to control and rule GB. It is a constitutional part of India. That is why Pakistan is threatening the local people fearing they might revolt against it."

He said while Pakistan continues to use terrorism against India to disturb the region, it is, on the other hand, using force and large scale human rights violations in Gilgit-Baltistan to usurp the region.

"There has been disenchantment among the local people against the aggressive behaviour by the government of Pakistan. They have been using military as a tool to oppress the people in GB. There are human right violations against the locals in GB. The situation is really grim because the international community is not aware of what is happening in GB," Sering said.

At the seminar, Sering narrated how Pakistani Army rampantly picks up women and girls of the local GB families and rapes them.

He added that Pakistan is using divide and rule policy in GB and dealing with the local people with iron fists.

Sering termed China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as a means to change demography and erode the area of its natural resources.

"Pakistan and China have colluded to oppress the local people and to change the demography and literally convert us into a minority where they could control and use our resources," Sering said.

"CPEC is the strategic tool to oppress people and gain control over our land and what they do with the land is the different story. We are threatened to become a minority in our own land, and the recent order by the government has disabled us to take control over the land without the permission of the local authorities. Irrespective of the fact that CPEC becomes a success or not we are losing our land," Sering said.

Condemning the CPEC project, Sering said: "CPEC is another major thing that will impact GB adversely. Our nationalists are confused. They believe that GB can become independent. This cannot happen. Even if you become independent, GB will become a satellite of China. What happened to Tibet will happen to us.

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First Published: Tue, March 19 2019. 17:12 IST