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The business of selling fresh air spray in India?

ANI  |  New Delhi 

New Delhi, Jan. 14 (ANI): Given the needs of the pollution-stricken countries, bottled fresh air is being sold in China, America and Middle-East countries. Recently, Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) started a campaign to sell fresh air in Delhi. It is worth giving a thought that can bottled fresh air be effective in India?

Change the water, change the air, change this atmosphere, yes, if you want to live change the philosophy of life...

In a hospital, when a patient has difficulty in breathing, he is provided with oxygen cylinders and fresh air is pumped into his lungs. Just imagine, if this fresh air starts getting sold, how will you feel? Yes, a situation just like this was observed in Delhi.

In the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place and India Gate, some young people were seen selling packaged fresh air from the mountains. The price of this ranged from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000. However, the purpose of this was not just to make people realise the importance of fresh air but also the price of fresh air. This was being run with the help of GAIL.

It is needless to say that Delhi is also being counted in the world's most polluted city. According to the World Economic Forum, among the 20 most populated cities of the world, 18 are in Asia, and out of these, 13 are in India itself. Delhi also comes in the most polluted city. The way the pollution levels have degraded in the past days, it is giving birth to a Beijing like situation. The situation is such that fresh air will also be sold here.

In China, the condition of air quality has become so bad because of the rising pollution that bottled fresh air is being sold there. Everyone is aware of the fact that the rising air-pollution in China has become worrisome, because of which China also had to go through serious problems. Seeing this, even a Canadian company 'Vitality Air' is selling fresh air to people. Because it is packaged in the mountains, the air is pure. Not just this, the Chinese have also started to gift clean air to each other.

The market for fresh air is large because many countries of the world are effected because of air-pollution. The conditions in India and China are even worse. In Beijing, there has risen an emergency situation because of the rising pollution, and a red alert has been released twice.

The condition in Canada has improved, but to save the people from the rising menace 'Vitality Air' is selling 'Premium Oxygen' at USD 28, which amounts to Rs. 1, 870.


However, there are serious doubts about the success of bottled fresh air in India because not only is it impractical to breathe through a bottle, but the poor population if the country will not be able to buy it. The problems may be the same in various countries, but the situation in India is different. To curb pollution un India, effective steps need to be taken and the government is working on the same.

First Published: Thu, January 14 2016. 14:56 IST