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GM Super Cruise put to test

Raunak Awasthi  |  Jaipur 

GM’s advance technology developers are ramping up self-driving car tests with the help of 360-degree simulator and study how a driver interacts with Super Cruise, a semi-automated driving system that could also come with Cadillac models at some later stage.

GM Super Cruise put to test

The Super Cruise has been upgraded in a way to offer more realistic experience and responsiveness to the driver, thus it has been worked upon to reduce disorientation that is usually found with driving simulators, especially while manoeuvring at low-speeds. There’s a 360-degree projection screen integrated with a 2-terabyte per second image generator in Super Cruise which works in sync with the visuals that respond to steering and pedal force inputs within 70 milliseconds. The Super Cruise also allows measuring driver control interactions and eye-glance behaviour.

GM Super Cruise put to test

“Simulator testing helps our vehicle teams understand the consequences of design decisions quickly and early in the development cycle when it is cost effective to do so,” said John Capp, director of GM Electrical, Controls and Active Safety Research.

“Ultimately, the work done here enables the rapid development of sophisticated systems like Super Cruise and leads to improved driving experience for our customers,” said Capp. During semi-automated driving, safety features and advanced driver assistance will assist in keeping driver alert. This system is in a way designed to free the workload on freeways , in bumper-to-bumper traffic and on long journeys, nevertheless driver’s attention is must.

Super Cruise uses radar, ultrasonics and camera fitted around the car to track lanes, speed limits, and traffic nearby. With the data generated, the vehicle speed and braking capacity can be adjusted. Cadillac uses enriched GPS mapping data, which is essential for self-driving safety as per specialists from Nokia’s Here division.

Other than GM, there’s also Japanese automajor, Nissan which offers such real-time driving experience via its recently introduced GT Academy. Well, there isn’t any doubt over this as the concept itself is so interesting and many enthusiasts are too, finding it as an amazing platform launched in recent times. The company aims to connect well with the Indian audience via such interesting concepts. Nissan has been taking GT Academy to several cities across the nation and is providing a never experienced before driving pleasure. GT Academy proves that Nissan stands for innovation and excitement for everyone.

Thus in a way, these innovative platforms allow you to experience some out of the box thrills and certainly, they have been successfull to a great extent.

Source : CarDekho

First Published: Tue, April 29 2014. 16:02 IST