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Different era, different politics: When HKL Bhagat left Khurana in tears

Bhagat, suffering from memory lapses, recognised his rival immediately

Business Standard 

Madanlal Khurana
Madanlal Khurana (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Different era, different politics

leader and former chief minister died recently. He was a legend in Longtime reporter has a lovely story about Khurana. Congress’ HKL Bhagat and Khurana were bitter rivals. But when Bhagat was on his death bed in hospital, Khurana wanted to bid farewell. His son Deepak arranged a time. Khurana and Vohra went to the ICU. After meeting Bhagat’s wife, the two were led into his room. Bhagat, suffering from memory lapses, recognised his rival immediately. He greeted Khurana by whispering his name and in a gesture of blessing placed his hand over his head. By this time, Khurana had tears in his eyes. That was a different era and a different kind of

Realigning relations

Speculation over the relationship between the two Gandhi sisters in law — Menaka and Sonia — re-surfaces before every election. This time is no different, especially as it is well known that Varun Gandhi has never got his due from the leadership. Last week, Sonia visited the national festival of organic materials being hosted by Maneka Gandhi’s Ministry of Women and Child Development. Sonia is known to visit exhibitions of natural and organic products and fabrics. The chairperson was seen halting at various stalls and spent nearly 90 minutes there. Although both sides clarified that there was no in the visit, there are many who have noted how quick off the bat Menaka was on the #MeToo issue, her publicly critical stand on the killing of a tigress on orders from a senior member of the Maharashtra cabinet also did not go unnoticed. Some realignments in the Gandhi Parivar?

First Published: Sat, November 10 2018. 20:23 IST