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  • 25-Mar-2020 | Deepak Lal

    Reflections on the pandemic

    We need a national survey of the incidence of coronavirus by testing a representative sample of population, not lockdowns

  • 26-Feb-2020 | Deepak Lal

    Prognostications about the US elections

    There could be two out-of-the-box announcements ahead of the election to outline the Republican policy in Asia

  • 31-Jan-2020 | Deepak Lal

    Towards a new 'road to serfdom'?

    The classical liberal order is under threat from 'woke' progressives

  • 25-Dec-2019 | Deepak Lal

    Containing China

    Access to American savings through the US securities markets provides China a lifeline without having to deal with its debt trap

  • 27-Nov-2019 | Deepak Lal

    Ayodhya, polytheism and the rule of law

    Why Solomon would have been proud of the Supreme Court judgment in the Ayodhya land dispute case

  • 30-Oct-2019 | Deepak Lal

    A Brexit nervous breakdown

    The fabric of Britain's unwritten constitution has been dangerously damaged by partisan passions over Brexit

  • 25-Sep-2019 | Deepak Lal

    Is shareholder capitalism passe?

    The emerging backlash against CSR and the resultant endorsement of shareholder capitalism make sense

  • 28-Aug-2019 | Deepak Lal

    The rise of modern monetary theory

    Much of what is new in MMT is unconvincing and a dangerous template for public policy

  • 31-Jul-2019 | Deepak Lal

    The misuse of language and Brexit

    Two words 'populist' and 'illiberal' are being used by those enraged by the words and actions of Trump and Brexiteers

  • 26-Jun-2019 | Deepak Lal

    China's Hong Kong conundrum

    As during the Tiananmen protests, China is once again faced with a choice between repression and liberalisation

  • 28-May-2019 | Deepak Lal

    Reflections on Indian democracy

    The claim that Modi's victory will create a populist authoritarian regime is maladroit

  • 24-Apr-2019 | Deepak Lal

    Do-it-yourself and nirvana economics

    Revisiting the academic contributions of P D Henderson and H Demsetz

  • 26-Mar-2019 | Deepak Lal

    The disuniting of the United States?

    There is a deep ideological economic divide between Democrats and Republicans for the first time since the Great Depression

  • 30-Jan-2019 | Deepak Lal

    Migration and miscegenation

    The ancient history of India's population

  • 25-Dec-2018 | Deepak Lal

    The Brexit conundrum

    Instead of being deterred by a 'no deal' scenario, the UK should adopt a tit-for-tat strategy with the EU

  • 27-Nov-2018 | Deepak Lal

    Money matters

    Loss of growth momentum and jobs, induced by demonetisation, are the reasons for government's demands to raid RBI's reserves

  • 30-Oct-2018 | Deepak Lal

    The US culture wars

    The coming midterm elections matter because their outcome will affect the cosmological beliefs of much of the world

  • 25-Sep-2018 | Deepak Lal


    Just as physical borders are a symbol of sovereignty, so are the growing borders in cyberspace

  • 29-Aug-2018 | Deepak Lal

    Polytheism vs monotheism

    Secular Europe today faces the same form of extremism that the pagan Roman emperors faced in the early years of the Christian era

  • 25-Jul-2018 | Deepak Lal

    On spooks

    Whatever be the outcome of battle between Trump and 'deep state', there is an indisputable fact - the FBI is still haunted by the ghost of Hoover