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  • 06-Jun-2018 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Repo rate hike: Inflation spectre forces hand, but RBI keeps options open

    Interestingly, even with RBI's neutral stance, interest rates for a number of instruments had already started hardening

  • 15-May-2017 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Germane short-term data

    Finally, all key economic indicators have one base year, but IIP could remain volatile

  • 01-Feb-2017 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Economic Survey: Batting for fiscal consolidation

    If the Budget is in sync with the Survey, we could see fiscal deficit at 3% of GDP by March 2018

  • 02-Apr-2016 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Will Mint Road trim or slash this time?

    It is almost certain that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will wield the knife on its repo rate, given the salutary convergence of domestic and global factors, when it reviews monetary policy on April 5.The only question is, will it be 25 or 50 ...

  • 24-Sep-2014 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Expect no rate cut in FY15

    In August, Wholesale Price Index (WPI)-based inflation registered a five-year low of 3.7 per cent and Consumer Price Index (CPI)-based inflation too nudged below 8 per cent. However, WPI is no longer RBI's preferred inflation gauge, so there is no ...

  • 31-Mar-2014 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Dharmakirti Joshi: Will the happy tidings on inflation last?

    RBI's target of eight per cent CPI inflation by January 2015 looks achievable but forecasting the inflation trajectory is still risky business

  • 11-Sep-2013 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Dharmakirti Joshi: What a hard landing for the manufacturing sector means

    The sector's ability to absorb labour has eroded because of anaemic growth and cost-cutting pressures. If this slowdown continues for a protracted period, creating jobs will become an insurmountable t

  • 13-Mar-2013 | Dharmakirti Joshi & Aindrilla Roychoudhry

    South Asia's growth-inflation dilemma

    The top priorities for India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh should be reforms and higher investments to break free of this trap

  • 08-Feb-2013 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Another data surprise

    Once again, gross domestic product (GDP) data has thrown up a surprise for economic forecasters. CSO’s advanced estimates peg 2012-13 GDP growth at five per cent, against the general consensus of 5.5 per cent. Advanced estimates are subject to ...

  • 25-Jan-2012 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Still cautious on inflation

    After a pause in the monetary policy in December, it was clear Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was shifting its focus towards growth. But there was uncertainty on when it would begin cutting rates. Today’s move of cutting cash reserve ratio (CRR) ...

  • 01-May-2011 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Gradual tightening may still be the best bet

    Inflation has remained at elevated levels despite eight rate increases of 25 basis points each by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), subsequent to the reversal of its easy monetary stance in March 2010. The persistent high inflation can largely be ...

  • 01-Apr-2010 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Dharmakirti Joshi: Forget taxes, focus on expenses

    Tax revenues will rise, as they have in the past, once GDP growth picks up - but if growth gets derailed, we have a problem

  • 09-Jul-2009 | Poonam Munjal & Dharmakirti Joshi

    Poonam Munjal & Dharmakirti Joshi: Just a transient phase

    The current phase of sub-zero inflation will get over in a couple of months, maybe even sooner given the profligacy in the budget.

  • 16-Apr-2009 | Dharmakirti Joshi & Manoranjan Pattanayak

    Dharmakirti Joshi & Manoranjan Pattanayak: India's fiscal stress is likely to continue in the medium-term

    The first thing the new government has to do is to spell out its plan to deal with the mounting fiscal deficit.

  • 12-Apr-2008 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Dharmakirti Joshi: Dealing with the price surge

    Until self-sufficiency in food is achieved, targeted subsidies and food distribution need to be beefed up to protect society's vulnerable sections.

  • 27-Aug-2007 | Dharmakirti Joshi & Parul Bhardwaj

    Monsoons and agricultural prospects

    Based on DRIP values, agriculture GDP will grow at 3.2-3.6% in 2007-08.

  • 20-Jun-2007 | Subir Gokarn & Dharmakirti Joshi

    When did India move to a new growth path?


  • 16-Oct-2006 | Dharmakirti Joshi & Gunjan Gulati

    Dharmakirti Joshi & Gunjan Gulati: Global integration, local barriers

    Greater integration with the world has lowered India's inflation, but inter-state barriers have meant this benefit has not percolated evenly across all states.

  • 24-Jun-2006 | Dharmakirti Joshi & Radhika Anand

    Rising current account deficit: The threat from oil

    A further rise in oil prices will not only tend to slow down economic activity, but will also make financing of the current account deficit unsustainable.

  • 22-Oct-2005 | Dharmakirti Joshi & Radhika Anand

    Dharmakirti Joshi and Radhika Anand: Not quite export-led growth yet

    Exports have played a major role in the growth in the manufacturing sector, but its overall share is still low by global standards.

  • 11-Feb-2004 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Feasting on Indian economics

    Dr C Rangarajan is one of the finest and most illustrious economists that India has produced. He has worked in diverse fields from teaching and research to policy making at the highest level.

  • 15-Dec-2003 | Dharmakirti Joshi & Gunjan Gulati

    Can private consumption be India's growth engine?

    The falling cost of credit has triggered a boom in the retail finance market. Population demographics support an increase in private consumption.

  • 14-Jul-2003 | Dharmakirti Joshi

    Maharashtra: the growth-fiscal nexus

    The state may be among the richest in the country, but its fiscal situation does not reflect this.