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  • 2 hours ago | Harshit Rakheja

    Why India's two-wheeler growth story got derailed?

    The sales of two-wheelers plunged to lowest in nine years in 2021. Does the trend reflect the declining purchasing power of people in the middle and lower-income groups? Let's find out

  • 21 hours ago | Harshit Rakheja, Bhaswar Kumar

    What did Indian PM and the Chinese President say at Davos?

    While PM Modi pitched India as a global destination for investment at the World Economic Forum, China's Xi Jinping condemned building 'exclusive yards and high borders'. Here's what they emphasised

  • 18-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    The right to repair movement

    Most electronics manufacturers work on the concept of 'planned obsolescence'. After foreign shores, the 'right to repair' movement is now gaining ground in India. This report tells us more about it

  • 18-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    Is all well with fintech giant Paytm?

    Paytm's debut on Dalal Street was disappointing. Last Friday, it announced shutting down its operations in Canada. What is happening inside the country's fintech giant - our next report offers a peek

  • 17-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    What are Treasury Bills or T-Bills?

    How does the government raise funds to meet its obligations, in excess of its annual revenue generation? Well, it issues Treasury Bills or T-Bills. This report tells us more about it

  • 17-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja & Krishna Veera Vanamali

    Why does social security look like a pipe dream for gig workers?

    Lakhs of gig workers in India continue to work amid little or no access to social security. We find out more about their plight and also if the new labour codes will address their social security void

  • 14-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    How are retailers shifting strategies to cope with the third Covid wave?

    The country is in the grip of third wave of Covid-19. Retail businesses now know what to do and what not to. And those dealing in them are now adopting different strategies. This report finds out more

  • 13-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    Why Tata Group is going for IPL branding?

    Tata Group's debut into the Indian Premier League comes at a time when the 100-year-old company is increasing its digital footprint. So, is the googly meant to startle the young crowd? We find out

  • 12-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    Booster dose of Covid-vaccine

    The government recently rolled out booster or precautionary dose of Covid-19 vaccine for citizens with comorbidities. Frontline workers are getting the third shot. This report tells us about the dose

  • 12-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    Is 'community buying' in social commerce key to reaching 'Bharat'?

    What is the 'community buying' model? Does social commerce hold the key to expanding online shopping in the grocery, apparel and consumer electronics retail in the country? Let's find out

  • 11-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    How can investors benefit from putting their money in silver?

    While gold has a negative correlation with stocks, silver usually works the other way round. So, does an investment in silver bode well for the retail investor in current times? Let's find out

  • 10-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    Is the Fairwork ratings on gig workers' condition a wake-up call?

    Gig economy made itself known during the pandemic. The recent Fairwork ratings highlighted how well or poorly these workers of unorganised sectors were being treated by companies. A report

  • 07-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    What lessons does Elizabeth Holmes' fall have for startup investors?

    Billionaire Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos, has been found guilty of defrauding investors. What lessons does the Homes-saga hold for startup investors back home, this report finds out

  • 07-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja & Bhaswar Kumar

    Jet Airways 2.0 faces turbulence before take-off?

    The acting CEO of Jet Airways quit this week. The date to seek regulatory permissions for restarting the airline has also been extended twice. Why is the re-launch of Jet Airways looking turbulent?

  • 06-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    What is the difference between privatisation and disinvestment?

    Loss-making national carrier Air India was privatised last year. And the government is going ahead with LIC disinvestment this year. Find out the difference between these two terms

  • 06-Jan-2022 | Bhaswar Kumar, Harshit Rakheja

    What is behind India's renewed love for gold?

    India imported 1,050 tn gold worth ($55.7 bn) in 2021, more than double of 2020. Last year's gold import surpassed the high recorded in 2011. Find out what is behind India's renewed rush for gold?

  • 05-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    What does a GST probe against exchanges mean for crypto taxation?

    The Directorate General of GST Intelligence recently launched a probe over alleged GST evasion against crypto exchanges. Will this nudge the govt to put a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies?

  • 04-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    What is the Model Tenancy Act?

    The government had cleared the Model Tenancy Act (MTA) last year to regulate the rental market and unleash the potential in the real estate sector. Our next report tells more about this new Act

  • 04-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    Indian OTT industry poised for growth. But are low prices sustainable?

    India's OTT industry is growing like never before now, against the backdrop of pandemic. The regional OTT platforms have also contributed to the rise. Our next report finds out more

  • 03-Jan-2022 | Harshit Rakheja

    How will the government carry forward its reform plan in 2022?

    The govt to take a U-turn on farm laws. It also didn't table any key economic bill in the Parliament. Let us look at how the govt is likely to take forward its reforms and economic agenda this year