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A K Bhattacharya

A K Bhattacharya

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  • Budget-making during recovery

    25-01-2022 23:06:00

    The challenges before the coming Budget are more daunting than those in 2021

  • How real is the GST boost?

    11-01-2022 23:37:00

    The share of GST collections in GDP has stagnated, even as IGST revenues from imports have gone up sharply

  • Managing the spending bulge

    21-12-2021 22:40:00

    Is the post-Covid rise in govt expenditure sustainable?

  • The turn of the Centre

    07-12-2021 22:43:00

    The Centre should maintain the current year's fiscal consolidation pace to give states more time to adjust

  • An inflexion point

    23-11-2021 22:48:00

    The repeal of farm laws provides pointers to a new political paradigm in India

  • After selling the Maharajah

    09-11-2021 22:58:00

    Privatisation of Air India should lead to a downsizing of the aviation ministry and other regulatory reforms

  • Regulatory capture of a different kind

    26-10-2021 22:38:00

    Three-fourths of India's top regulators are retired government officers. This trend must change

  • The state of states

    12-10-2021 23:30:00

    India's fiscal challenge can get worse if states spend more even with lower revenue growth

  • Taking states on board

    21-09-2021 23:13:00

    It is time the Modi govt convened a meeting of the Inter-State Council

  • The employment dividend from exports

    07-09-2021 23:01:00

    The surge in some export sectors has the potential to address India's urban jobs challenge with necessary policy intervention

  • Not by stealth, but through subtle signals

    25-08-2021 00:05:00

    Redefining Make in India and the public sector policy are signs of a new approach to reforms

  • Towards a new compact

    10-08-2021 22:59:00

    Without a collaborative arrangement between the Centre and the states, fresh reforms in many areas would become more contentious

  • Towards a lean tax department

    27-07-2021 23:17:00

    Worries about vacant positions and their impact on tax collection may be misplaced in a world of technological disruptions

  • Real winners of the reshuffle

    13-07-2021 22:31:00

    New responsibilities for the finance minister and the home minister indicate the government's focus on privatisation and cooperatives

  • A question of compliance

    29-06-2021 23:02:00

    Data limitations should not be an escape clause for not honouring obligations under the inflation targeting regime