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R Gopalakrishnan

R Gopalakrishnan

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  • Can a professional CEO be entrepreneurial?

    11-01-2022 23:41:00

    India Inc needs many more entrepreneurial and professional CEOs. It is not a 'this or that' framework

  • Constructive dissonance essential for better neeti

    29-11-2021 00:46:00

    Aberrant judgements occur often in institutions where constructive dissonance is absent

  • Irrational exuberance and rational humility

    09-11-2021 23:06:00

    I worry that the hard-earned savings of middle-class investors could be at risk

  • Companies need more neeti, less niyam

    12-10-2021 23:41:00

    The key lies in training and aligning directors about the behavioural aspects of governance, not only about the laws

  • Good governance despite differences

    14-09-2021 23:12:00

    Governance is perceived as an abstruse and technical subject, connecting the three dots of accounting, legal, and regulatory

  • Leaders should be changed periodically

    10-08-2021 23:05:00

    When leaders linger long, warning signals of reduced effectiveness begin, often increasing in intensity

  • Making PSUs board-yukt and sarkar-mukt

    15-07-2021 00:10:00

    PSUs have played a well-defined role in India's progress over 74 years. Some have delivered sterling outcomes that the return-seeking, capital-poor private sector would have been unable to do

  • Leading in a crisis

    08-06-2021 22:23:00

    Denial of a mistake is a terribly diminishing action. The fact that many leaders rarely admit to their mistakes is no excuse for not doing so

  • How social context influences human behaviour

    12-05-2021 22:43:00

    Many crises are leadership failures rather than technical ones. Leaders focus so intently on an agenda that they fail to factor in their team's social context

  • Legality versus morality

    15-04-2021 00:26:00

    Law and morality are often not aligned. Apart from regulations, we must consider the difficult perspective of character versus morality by exploring "behavioural corporate governance"

  • Why our brain resists diversity

    19-03-2021 00:00:00

    Although the brain resists variation, in contrast, variation is at the core of evolution and life forms

  • When CEO and board marriages fail

    18-02-2021 23:44:00

    Boards and remuneration committees hesitate to engage with the behavioural and soft aspects of CEO appraisal. This is one important reason for such marriages failing

  • The gyroscope of corporate governance

    21-01-2021 23:02:00

    Lessons from political governance are instructive even for corporations

  • The emerging future role of boards

    17-12-2020 22:49:00

    Management needs new ways of thinking to make companies survive and grow for the long term, and to be sustainable companies in every sense of the word

  • Prodrome of a governance crisis - behaviour

    20-11-2020 01:11:00

    Regulators and board directors should be sensitive to advance signals, usually manifested through behavioural aberrations before the failure