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Windows 8 tablets to surge in 2014, analyst predicts

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Market analysts have reportedly predicted that Microsoft's Windows 8 tablets are set to lead the tablet race in 2014 after being beaten by Apple and Android in the last year.

Analyst at Aberdeen Group, Andrew Borg said that tablet in the enterprise is Microsoft's to lose.

According to PC World, highly anticipated turnaround in technology is Windows-8 tablets surging to lead the pack in BYOD tablet deployments, which was last year led by Apple iPads followed by Android.

Gartner revealed in its research that in 2014, the worldwide tablet market is forecast to grow 47 percent, while the worldwide PC market is estimated to remain flat after declining 9.9 percent in 2013.

Another PC refresh cycle could lead to higher Microsoft tablet sales because with Windows 8, new computers won't be running Windows7.

Borg said that if there were a phase out of Windows 7 PCs, a better and cheaper alternative for IT would be to shift to Windows 8 tablets.

He further noted that if Microsoft could fix the problems with its Surface tablets that switches between PC and tablet mode, the company stands to gain huge momentum and market share in the tablet enterprise race as well as the consumer and small business markets.

Borg expected Microsoft to reach 90 percent from its current 75 percent penetration in the BYOD deployments in corporate workplaces.

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