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Pakistan seeks India's cooperation in renewable energy sector

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has sought India's cooperation in the renewable energy sector, especially use of solar power for agriculture, Pakistan High Commissioner Salman Bashir said Tuesday.

"A team from Pakistan is already in to study renewable and energy sector. The team is studying the use of solar power for agriculture and solar power plants in India. It is an area where we can benefit," Bashir said.

Speaking at the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industries, he said there are good agricultural universities in Pakistan who will be happy to collaborate with similar institutions in India.

On issue of Pakistan buying electricity from India, Bashir said: "Possible trade in electricity and gas is being worked out at technical level. Infrastructure and energy are two areas where mutual collaborations could be beneficial."

He said the two countries are working to open bank branches in each others' countries.

For increasing trade between the two countries, Bashir said: "Better road and rail traffic is an important requirement. There is no limit to items being traded through rail and sea and that is an important area to be improved."

He said Pakistan is in the process of increasing number of items on "positive list" trade rules (items allowed to be traded) and reducing "negative list" (items not allowed to be traded).

"Leaving just a few sensitive items which will be excluded, rest will be open for trading at lower interest rates of 0-5 percent," he said.

In a notification issued in March, Pakistan changed its trade policy to a negative list regime allowing for all but 1,209 items in the negative list.

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