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  • Chess

    May 11, 2018, Friday


    The 2018 women's title match is being played in Shanghai (first half) and Chongqing

  • Blind Cricket Association

    May 11, 2018, Friday

    NGO helpline for blind sportspeople: Swap your ivory canes for willow bats

    Blind Cricket Association has affiliates across the country, together, they organised eight tournaments in 2017

  • CHESS#1300

    April 27, 2018, Friday


    R Praggnanandhaa scored his second GM norm at the Heraklion Fischer Memorial

  • Chess

    April 20, 2018, Friday


    There are two homegrown US prodigies to watch out for, in Awonder Liang and Jeffery Xiong

  • Chess

    April 06, 2018, Friday


    A huge contingent of Indians has made it to the Asian Youth and Age group Championships in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • chess

    March 30, 2018, Friday


    Fabiano Caruana is brave, well-prepared and dangerous opponent for Magnus Carlsen

  • Chess

    March 23, 2018, Friday


    Mamedyarov is the top seed and world #2. He's won only one game but he's avoided trouble. He and Caruana are unbeaten

  • CHESS#1294

    March 16, 2018, Friday


    Mamedaryov has been solid, winning a big game versus 2016 Challenger Karjakin and drawing the rest

  • Matra-Hachette’s chairman Jean-Luc Lagardere (right) watching a horse race in October, 1995

    March 09, 2018, Friday

    The sensational ascent and expensive descent of a Paris superclub

    Thirty years later, Neymar would have much the same effect, the Brazilian turned into the most expensive player on the planet by ...

  • CHESS#1292

    March 02, 2018, Friday


    There are question marks over Levon Aronian's temperament

  • Monster Hunter

    February 17, 2018, Saturday

    'Monster Hunter: World', a world to conquer makes for thrilling experience

    Monster Hunter: World is set in a world divided into two continents - Old World and New World

  • chess

    February 16, 2018, Friday


    Ilyumzhinov, who has been Fide President since 1995, intends to run again.

  • Chess

    February 09, 2018, Friday


    The National Blind Championships has gotten underway, thanks to crowd-sourcing

  • weekend

    February 03, 2018, Saturday

    A fan's letter to Roger Federer on his greatness and achievements

    Roger Federer has made many lives worth living. Astoundingly, he still does

  • Chess

    January 26, 2018, Friday


    Ten rounds into the Tata Steel, there is a three-way tie at the top in the Masters

  • Chess

    January 12, 2018, Friday


    India's - and the world's - largest open tournament is underway

  • Chess

    December 30, 2017, Saturday


    Viswanathan Anand ended 2017 on a high note, winning the world rapid championship in Riyadh

  • Indian badminton

    December 23, 2017, Saturday

    PBL: How Indian badminton now pays more than ever before

    Indian badminton is booming, both on and off the court

  • Chess

    December 16, 2017, Saturday


    Fabiano Caruana won the London Classic and Magnus Carlsen won the overall Grand Chess Tour

  • Chess

    December 08, 2017, Friday


    Google subsidiary Deep Mind released a paper describing how its AI, AlphaZero, thrashed the strong chess program Stockfish8