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Ajai Shukla

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Ajai Shukla: Filling in Mr Parrikar's silence

Our large military requirements make for an enormous buyer's leverage, which the defence ministry fritters away in piecemeal purchases

Ajai Shukla: Stop the dithering with Washington

The United States must be convinced that India will abandon its pathological fence sitting

Ajai Shukla: Nurturing shipyards: the case of HSL

Hindustan Shipyard cannot be thrown to market wolves

Ajai Shukla: A wasted year

The National Democratic Alliance government has adopted half measures instead of moving decisively on defence

Ajai Shukla: Generals, quotas damage the army

A soldier cannot justifiably demand faster, easier promotions based on frequent field tenures

Ajai Shukla: 'Make in India' on the guillotine

The French have been rewarded for their obstinacy with exactly what they wanted - an order for fully built Rafales without technology transfer

Ajai Shukla: Don't divide the army, Mr Parrikar

Internal simmering in the army has come to a boil after the govt tries to retain a discriminatory promotions policy

Ajai Shukla: Making 'make' happen

India's defence industry needs to be hand-held if it is to supply defence equipment designed and built specifically for India

Ajai Shukla: Needed - defence budgeting structures

Imaginative budgeting requires a top-down approach, where strategic demands determine procurement priorities

Ajai Shukla: How Rafale is killing the air force's future

Air force brass is ignoring a project to develop a fifth-generation fighter for fear it will take attention away from buying the Rafale

Ajai Shukla: The hard work starts now

In spite of the glowing headlines after Barack Obama's visit, there's little indication of forward movement in the Indo-US defence relations

Ajai Shukla: Yokel at a country fair

India must present its demands of America confidently, instead of fearing that its pocket will somehow be picked

Ajai Shukla: 'Made in India' versus 'Make in India'

The defence ministry needs to focus on its primary objective - of promoting indigenous projects

Ajai Shukla: Of dogs' tails and leopards' spots

India must watch for signs after Peshawar that Pakistan is waking up to the dangers of Islamism

Ajai Shukla: Confusion in command in Jammu and Kashmir

Hard men with guns cannot manage the state forever

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