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'Forgotten' by air crew after flight, Canadian woman wakes up alone in pitch dark parked plane!

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It was indeed a real nightmare for a Canadian woman, who woke up to find herself locked inside an empty, "pitch dark" aeroplane, which was parked at the Toronto airport after she slept through the journey and was apparently forgotten by the ground staff!

The harrowing experience was recounted by Tiffani Adams' friend on a Facebook post on Thursday. Adams claimed she fell asleep halfway through the 90-minute flight from Quebec to Toronto earlier this month. Her nightmare began after she woke up.

"I fell asleep probably less than halfway through my short 1.5-hour flight. I wake up around midnight (few hours after flight landed), freezing cold, and still strapped in my seat in complete darkness," the post read. "I think I'm having a bad dream because, like seriously, how is this happening!!?"

Adams reached for her phone and sent a frantic message explaining her situation to Deanna Noel-Dale, the person who shared the Facebook post. "I sent her a message just before midnight saying omg I've just woke up and I'm all alone on this cold dark plane," the post read.

Noel-Dale was left incredulous by the message and answered that maybe Adams was "having a bad dream." To explain her situation, Adams tried to facetime Noel-Dale but her phone died roughly sixty seconds after the call connected.

"I attempt to charge my phone by plugging into every USB port I could luck because when they shut the aircraft down there is no power whatsoever"

She made her way to the cockpit and found a flashlight there, which she used to draw the attention of a luggage card driver passing by. By that time, Adams had managed to open the plane's main exit. However, she could not leave because she faced a drop of more than fifty metres.

"When I see the luggage cart driving towards me I am literally dangling my legs out of the plane..he is in shock asking how the heck they left me on the plane..I'm wondering the same."

According to media reports, Air Canada has confirmed that incident did happen, and has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

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First Published: Mon, June 24 2019. 19:00 IST