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General Insurance: Rakesh Jain

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Rakesh Jain
Rakesh Jain

Today, Rakesh Jain, chief executive officer of Reliance General Insurance, answers your questions

I am planning to get ayurvedic treatment for my chronic back problem. Will my policy cover this if I get admitted to a hospital? Or if the doctor suggests the treatment can be done at home, such as the massage, etc, can I claim if I produce valid bills and doctors' reports?

You should first check whether or not your health policy covers ayurvedic treatment. Second, check the sub-limit for the treatment, i.e. is the sum insured available for ayurvedic, homeopathic or unani treatment, capped up to a certain percentage of the total sum insured. Sometimes, policy terms also mandate treatment in government, government-approved, or National Accreditation Board-approved hospitals. The most important thing is that illness should warrant hospitalisation. Usually, treatment taken at home, such as massage, etc, is generally excluded from the policy.

My individual policy is up for renewal and I want to move to another company. How do I go about it? I have heard that it is very difficult. Also, since I got married six months earlier, can I include my wife under the new policy?

The health regulations in India have a provision for portability, under which an individual health policyholder can transfer the credit gained for a pre-existing condition and time-bound exclusions if he shifts from one insurer to another. The important aspect is that the policyholder should approach the new insurer within the stipulated time period of 45 days prior to policy expiry. This way, he is ensured that in case the new company rejects his proposal, he can at least renew with the incumbent insurer, thus maintain his continuity. There is a set process companies follow for portability. Yes, companies do permit addition of members at renewals. However, a portability is not applicable for your wife.

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First Published: Sun, February 08 2015. 22:40 IST