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  • 21-Aug-2018 | Constantine Courcoulas | Bloomberg

    Lira crisis: Qatar comes to rescue as Turkey aims to avert financial plight

    An escalating dispute over US pastor Andrew Brunson's continued detention has roiled financial markets in Turkey

  • 11-Aug-2018 | Constantine Courcoulas, Benjamin Harvey & Onur Ant | Bloomberg

    As Turkey financial crisis deepens, bankers to review impact of shocks

    Biggest currency shock for lira since 2001 rattles investors; plunge stokes fears of contagion

  • 01-Dec-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    A troubled farewell

    BES: Dubai was a good a symbol of the credit boom. It was a property development that was sustained by cross-border financial speculators and some of the excess funds generated by a credit-inflated oil price. The emirate’s woes last week were ...

  • 24-Nov-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    Painfully slow

    BES: There is a recovery, according to most countries’ GDP measures. And the Breakingviews Economic Spot-Check has reached the highest ever level in its 29-week life. But at 2.8, it is still stuck below Stability. It is nowhere near Off to the ...

  • 17-Nov-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    The next chapter

    Economic Spot-check: The shoots are really green. It has taken a while, and it’s still fragile, but the global economy is now growing rather than shrinking. Last week the eurozone joined the US and Japan in the “positive GDP” club. ...

  • 10-Nov-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    Slow progress

    Economic Spot-check: If GDP growth numbers were the only standard, the recession would be over in almost all every country. But after a steep recession, economies can’t be considered healthy until consumers and companies are feeling confident ...

  • 27-Oct-2009 | Christopher Hughes & Constantine Courcoulas

    Party like it's 1999

    BES: Everyone wants an iPhone. New-economy darlings like are enjoying a renaissance. Even old-economy stalwarts like Caterpiller, the digger-maker, sees a potentially swift recovery. The Wall Street earnings season is giving ...

  • 20-Oct-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    The other half

    BES: There’s no doubt the economy has recovered at the investment banks. Big bonuses are once again the order of the day.

  • 13-Oct-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    Lingering pains

    BES: It is easier to fall into a hole than to climb out of one. Authorities around the world have been making massive efforts to help countries emerge from the worst recession in decades. Their efforts may be working, but there are few signs of ...

  • 06-Oct-2009 | Constantine Courcoulas

    Real deal

    Olympic follow up: The real work for Rio de Janeiro begins now. As the caipirinia-enduced hangover wears off, the host city of the 2016 Olympics faces the daunting task of delivering a spectacle whose success lasts longer than a few summer weeks.

  • 06-Oct-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    Unhappy letter

    Economic spot-check: What is the letter economists fear most? For some, it is the U that describes a recovery that is painfully slow to arrive. But for others, it is the W of a recovery that at first seems promising but then turns into another ...

  • 03-Oct-2009 | Constantine Courcoulas

    Olympian feat

    Olympics: Which will it be, Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro or Tokyo? The grandees of the International Olympic Committee will announce the location of the 2016 Olympics on Friday evening. But in this contest, the chosen city could be the real

  • 22-Sep-2009 | Christopher Hughes & Constantine Courcoulas

    Boom-time echoes

    BES: Yet more M&A, rallying stocks markets and booming demand for superyachts and luxury property. Against that backdrop, it should be little surprise that Breakingviews’ index of economic newsflow revisited its series high last week. The ...

  • 15-Sep-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    Longing for recovery

    BV economic spotter: Anniversaries are a good time to take stock. A year after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the world has still not got over the shock. The failure precipitated the worst global recession since before the Second World War. The ...

  • 02-Sep-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    Waiting for it

    Breakingviews Economic Spot-check: The V-crowd should hold off on victory cries. While many economists would like the sharp economic decline to be followed by an equally sharp recovery – forming a V – there is little evidence of a ...

  • 29-Aug-2009 | Constantine Courcoulas

    Easy does it

    Turkey/IMF: Turkey has turned an apparent defeat into a temporary victory. Earlier this year, a haggling approach to negotiations with the International Monetary Fund left the country without a support plan in the midst of a global crisis. But ...

  • 25-Aug-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    Have to wait

    Green shoots: Ben Bernanke said on August 21 that “the prospects for a return to growth in the near term appear good”. The US central banker’s optimism is a daisy-chain of qualifications: prospects, near term and appear. But the ...

  • 04-Aug-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    U is for slow, F is for finance

    GSS: Economists love the letter game. The recession created a downward stroke. If the upcoming recovery is sharp, there will be a V. Or it could be slow like a U, or flat like an L. As yet, the right letter looks like U.

  • 28-Jul-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    Dreaming in the mud

    GSS: The economic freefall of the first quarter is no more than a fading nightmare. But when will a substantial recovery start? The world’s stock markets have their answer: right away. Another good week on the exchanges brought the US market ...

  • 25-Jul-2009 | Constantine Courcoulas


    Vodafone: Vodafone may have suffered an underlying 2 per cent decline in first-quarter revenue. But that’s not bad in a midst of a deep recession. With a low valuation, good cash generation and a generous dividend yield, the mobile ...

  • 06-Jul-2009 | Constantine Courcoulas

    Bulls on parade

    Rogue trader: How do you drive up the price of a barrel oil by $2.50 in under an hour? Simple. First, place a great big one-way bet on oil futures in the wee hours of the morning, when trading is light. Then sit back and let market-chasers do the ...

  • 30-Jun-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    A thin crop

    GSS: In the fields, green shoots are turning into tender plants. In the economy, though, a sturdy recovery remains elusive.

  • 09-Jun-2009 | Edward Hadas & Constantine Courcoulas

    Pale green in the economic garden

    GSS: There was a breakthrough last week in the six-week old Green Shoots Spotter. A real green shoot finally appeared. A report that United Airlines was ready to buy $10bn worth of aircraft was the first piece of news since the ...

  • 02-Jun-2009 | Christopher Hughes & Constantine Courcoulas

    Wilting again

    GSS: Some economic slowdowns feel like bad recessions. But we seem to be in a bad recession that to many feels like just an economic slowdown.

  • 27-May-2009 | Christopher Hughes & Constantine Courcoulas

    Rooting reflex

    It was the week when the market rally dramatically spluttered — with reason.’s Green Shoots Spotter (GSS) scored a paltry 2 out of 5. That may be up from the series low of 1.8 the week before, but it still points to an ...