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  • 22-Oct-2020 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Trump or Biden, India's love for US endures

    According to a recent survey, Indians' average rating of the US on a host of factors was the highest, surpassing even the US citizens'

  • 25-Sep-2020 | Shailesh Dobhal

    World is getting more serious about ESG compliance. India must catch up too

    There is a global movement towards making businesses more responsible and India should also make efforts in that direction

  • 28-Aug-2020 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Big gets bigger

    Is dominance of big players necessarily a bad thing?

  • 27-Jul-2020 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Few parallels for RIL-like transformation in the world of business

    One of the few in the league of RIL globally is the SoftBank Group, which has grown from being a PC software distributor and a telco to a technology-focused investor

  • 15-Jun-2020 | Shailesh Dobhal

    What business are you in?

    The coronavirus crisis has upended businesses globally. Reimagining, not tinkering, business models is the need of the hour

  • 18-May-2020 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Direct to home

    Doorstep delivery is the biggest opportunity thrown open by the coronavirus crisis. Inevitably, new leaders will emerge in this landscape

  • 19-Mar-2020 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Room for ambition

    Ms Narayanan is bang on when she underlines the criticality of managing relationships, for 'how these management firms manage the relationship with the hotel owners will define their future.'

  • 24-Feb-2020 | Shailesh Dobhal

    The year of deals

    Initial trends in the new year will likely prove forecasters wrong on deal activity in 2020

  • 27-Jan-2020 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Trends in the new year

    Just about a month old and 2020 is turning out to be an interesting, even momentous, year for businesses in India

  • 16-Dec-2019 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Year of reality check

    From promoters losing their firms to consumers realising there are no free lunches, 2019 was a year of getting real

  • 18-Nov-2019 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Why MNCs are changing their India tune

    The reasons are myriad - maturing of markets, change in business strategy -but there is a clear indication that global firms are not willing to tolerate any more slack in India

  • 21-Oct-2019 | Shailesh Dobhal

    About incumbents and challengers

    In many industries, incumbents have often been trumped in the new product/technology race by rank outsiders. Will EVs' fate be any different?

  • 29-Aug-2019 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Big and bigger

    Some of the biggest names in Indian business are shedding their reticence and letting in global firms into their parlours

  • 24-Jun-2019 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Brands for the next 300 million Indians

    As demand wanes with the top quintile consumers, marketers have to think afresh about how to cater to the next lot in the socio-economic ladder

  • 27-May-2019 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Splitsville in India Inc

    Differences over culture, management and focus is making even many supposedly "happy" partnerships come unstuck

  • 15-Apr-2019 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Elections and the affluent Indian

    In this election season, is too much being made of the divisions in our polity? Let some recent reports do the talking

  • 18-Feb-2019 | Shailesh Dobhal

    May the best man win

    Marquee local brands passing into foreign hands has stopped evoking desi rancour

  • 21-Jan-2019 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Big is target

    Scale, supposed to be a competitive advantage, is not an unalloyed gift as voices against dominance rise across industries

  • 17-Dec-2018 | Shailesh Dobhal

    The year in four faces

    Urjit Patel, Binny Bansal, Nirav Modi and Rahul Gandhi personify the big trends that defined 2018. Well, almost...

  • 19-Nov-2018 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Entrepreneurs & entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is booming in the country. So why are some of our biggest entrepreneurs headed for the door?

  • 17-Sep-2018 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Is it a good time to be a family-owned business in India? Views differ

    Conglomerates in Asia are in decline, says Bain. Family businesses are thriving, says Credit Suisse. What's up?

  • 27-Aug-2018 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Who are the Gen Zers?

    A generation born post-2000, a cohort of over 470 million people, will increasingly define everything from products to politics of this country

  • 17-Jul-2018 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Jio, Oyo and Patanjali

    Irrespective of size or category, insurgent brands tend to upend business models irreversibly

  • 19-Jun-2018 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Delivering the goods

    Egged on by e-commerce firms and technology, doorstep delivery will be the new battleground for brick-and-mortar retailers and marketers too

  • 22-May-2018 | Shailesh Dobhal

    Why Patanjali Ayurved is faltering

    Ramdev made nature-to-goodness products popular, and reaped benefits. Then he seemed to lose focus