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  • 27-May-2021 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Games promoters play

    If a promoter knows that he can afford not to repay loans and buy back his company in the bankruptcy court at a discount with a reduced debt burden, he has a strong incentive to drive his firm aground

  • 16-May-2021 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Sunil Jain, an outstanding journalist and a generous friend

    That Sunil Jain was one of India's finest economic writers was evident from his weekly column 'Rational Expectations' in BS and then in the 'Financial Express' where he was the Managing Editor

  • 29-Apr-2021 | Shyamal Majumdar

    States must share the blame

    Many state govts were taken to the cleaners by high courts for doing next to nothing to prepare for the devastating second wave of the coronavirus pandemic

  • 16-Mar-2021 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Where China is only a notch above India

    India and China seem united in gender discrimination

  • 19-Jan-2021 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Start-up's flights of fancy

    India's first home-grown messenger app Hike shut down and vanished from app stores on Monday

  • 31-Dec-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Dharavi, a people's project

    Dharavi, once a Covid-19 hotspot in Mumbai, did not report a single infection in the 24 hours prior to Christmas for the first time since April 1, when the first patient was detected in the area

  • 19-Nov-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Making a mockery of arbitration

    Ending "tax terrorism" was the BJP's promise in the 2014 election that brought Narendra Modi to power giving hope to the likes of the UK's Cairn Energy Plc. But the hopes have been belied

  • 30-Oct-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Why some don't deserve a second chance

    Last week, Videocon's Venugopal Dhoot and DHFL's Kapil Wadhawan offered to pay to pull their firms out of insolvency process

  • 01-Oct-2020 | Indivjal Dhasmana & Shyamal Majumdar

    We are converting crisis into opportunity, says FM Nirmala Sitharaman

    People have every right to think whether fiscal support was adequate or whether it wasn't. As regards any further help or stimulus, I've kept my options open, said FM Sitharaman

  • 01-Oct-2020 | Indivjal Dhasmana & Shyamal Majumdar

    Recovery patchy; stimulus at appropriate time: FM Nirmala Sitharaman

    FM Sitharaman said the government has turned the crisis into an opportunity as directed by the prime minister and has brought in several systemic reforms

  • 10-Sep-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    The best hope for the Kochhars to get out of this mess is ED itself

    It's a massive irony, but the agency's poor track record in convictions is the only light at the end of a rather long tunnel for the couple

  • 13-Aug-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Mismanaged transitions

    Governments have followed different rules for different banks at different times

  • 16-Jul-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    When succession plan is just a letter

    There was no will; no other binding documents; no family constitution - just a letter, prompting a leading lawyer to say it couldn't get more absurd than this.

  • 04-Jun-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Hail the verdict and appeal against it!

    Cyrus Mistry's reinstatement as chairman and director of the Tata companies for the rest of his tenure was symbolic at best as he hardly had any significant tenure left

  • 28-May-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Diversity in boardrooms

    The focus should be on more women at middle management levels

  • 07-May-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    The workplace will change forever

    Workstation areas can no longer have the crowded cafe feel as proximity may no longer seem so tempting

  • 30-Apr-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Making WFH work

    Despite their reservations, companies must frame clear guidelines for the new normal

  • 10-Apr-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Industry shutdown must end

    Industry must be allowed to resume operations in areas other than the identified hotspots with proper safety guidelines in place as soon as possible

  • 02-Apr-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Fear of the unknown

    Covid-19's impact on mental health can be huge

  • 19-Mar-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Need of the hour

    Telecommuting can only be a temporary solution as the more people work apart, the less they work together

  • 05-Mar-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Hiring, the Welch way

    The CEO of CEOs used the "4Es and 1P" principle to recruit a winning team

  • 28-Feb-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Deregulate large-scale philanthropy

    The purpose and performance of these companies do not demonstrate that any one class, on a secular basis, is superior or inferior in these respects.

  • 06-Feb-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Death in a deep sewer

    One sanitation worker dies every five days, but compensation is mostly denied

  • 26-Jan-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Hero worship

    Book review of The Making of Hero Four Brothers, Two Wheels and a Revolution that Shaped India

  • 09-Jan-2020 | Shyamal Majumdar

    Three-day weekend

    Even Sanna Marin wants it to remain a statement of aspiration