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  • 08-Feb-2019 | Vikram Johri

    The season of promises

    Together with the flow of middlemen landing in India from Dubai and the sustained efforts to bring Vijay Mallya home, the government will make the 2019 election a repeat of the 2014 one

  • 05-Feb-2019 | Vikram Johri

    'Real India' from the top down

    Mr Sharma charts the rise of the future prime minister through his third consecutive win in the Gujarat Assembly election of 2012.

  • 11-Jan-2019 | Vikram Johri

    Reserving the right to change

    Reservation is an albatross whose continuation under the current system risks creating deep fissures in our society

  • 05-Jan-2019 | Vikram Johri

    Gangs of the OTT War

    Nobody will mistake Mirzapur for real, unlike Kashyap's Dhanbad which was the centre of real mafia wars around coal mining

  • 14-Dec-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Anybody's game

    Will the results of the state polls have some bearing on the 2019 general elections?

  • 12-Dec-2018 | Vikram Johri

    GenNext in Indian politics

    In her profiles of Rahul Gandhi and Jyotiraditya Scindia, Ms Sahgal refuses to engage with the question of why these leaders' constituencies, Amethi and Guna respectively, continue to be backward

  • 08-Dec-2018 | Vikram Johri

    The dark horse of Bollywood

    Ayushmann Khurrana's rise from theatre actor to video jockey to Bollywood star is not the most uncommon template for Bollywood success, but it is his tenacity and choice of roles that are noteworthy

  • 27-Nov-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Reddit's morality play

    In book 'We Are The Nerds', author Christine Lagorio-Chafkin recounts the rise of Reddit as the oft-heard story of unexpected start-up success that then waded into controversy

  • 17-Nov-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Work culture of the future

    Every cog in the wheel must present its unique services at the moment of instructed haste

  • 08-Nov-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Weighing up rationalism

    Dabholkar's death vitiates the movement against superstition, and took away the chance for greater nuance in a debate that is too often hijacked by extreme voices

  • 27-Oct-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Dark tales of our connected age

    American Vandal brings out the deeply invasive nature of social media, among other things

  • 19-Oct-2018 | Vikram Johri

    These modern times

    There are times when waiting in the air-conditioned comfort of the office till late hours seems a better proposition than starting the long journey home

  • 16-Oct-2018 | Vikram Johri

    The desi mindset

    The most interesting parts of the book constitute sections in which Mr Sardar articulates his love for his homeland, evenings spent gorging gol guppas and paan

  • 02-Oct-2018 | Vikram Johri

    AI and the human factors

    Dismissing fears stoked by the likes of Musk and Hawking, the authors argue that AI, for the foreseeable future, is unlikely to reach a stage where a robot uprising will defeat humans in a large-scale

  • 22-Sep-2018 | Vikram Johri

    A fine job

    The film's portrait of the hollowing out of Middle America in the aftermath of the crisis provides a consummate precursor to the election of a man who promised to 'make America great again'

  • 21-Sep-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Acceptance after verdict

    Civil society will have a tougher time convincing people of the importance of granting rights to sexual minorities, since it is not clear that a homosexual lifestyle can work in the Indian context

  • 12-Sep-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Telling it like it is

    As a history of Silicon Valley, this account largely omits a discussion of either Microsoft - which explains the 10-year gap from 1984 to 1994 - and Amazon

  • 25-Aug-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Two PMs of different hues

    The most crucial point of difference between the two leaders, may lie in their worldviews. Modi is willing to raise questions, that Vajpayee avoided

  • 22-Aug-2018 | Vikram Johri

    The fault lies not in our tech

    Your Happiness Was Hacked is an interesting look into the way technology has overtaken our lives, but it takes its premise too far

  • 14-Aug-2018 | Vikram Johri

    'In the end, it all works'

    How India Works is a precise compendium of the challenges that the expat, with some pluck and understanding, can transform into triumphs at the Indian workplace

  • 11-Aug-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Tribute to Sairat

    Dhadak does justice to the memory of the original, while striking out on its own

  • 27-Jul-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Childish play

    Gandhi has been in the public eye for many years now, so it is baffling that he can still get up to the kind of antics he displayed in Parliament

  • 26-Jul-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Aadhaar's Orwellian threat

    The discussion on India begins with a fascinating analysis of how the Constituent Assembly debated including privacy as a fundamental right

  • 19-Jul-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Science and serendipity

    In more than one chapter, Mr Francis discusses the benefits of psychotherapy in relieving patients of long-buried stresses.

  • 14-Jul-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Netflix games

    In its treatment, Sacred Games diverges significantly from the book that inspired it