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  • 02-Apr-2020 | Vikram Johri

    The evolution of Facebook

    The book is weakest in explaining the central controversy plaguing Facebook today: Its ginormous control over the flow of global information and misinformation

  • 14-Feb-2020 | Vikram Johri

    'The Story of Yoga': Alistair Shearer focuses on growth of yoga in the West

    The Story of Yoga carefully explains how this pre-eminent form of communal exercising in the West is a mere subset of a larger universe whose ultimate goal is self-actualisation

  • 31-Oct-2019 | Vikram Johri

    Tomorrow's people

    Vir Sanghvi chronicles the lives of 10 game changers, men and women who he thinks have shaped Indian society over the past decade or so

  • 07-Oct-2019 | Vikram Johri

    The tarnished tycoon

    Mr Modi was a quick learner. The book recounts how he wanted to capture every part of the diamond business, from trade in roughs to the luxury retail side.

  • 25-Sep-2019 | Vikram Johri

    The journalist & the jihadi conman

    Book review of The Messenger

  • 19-Jun-2019 | Vikram Johri

    She-changers in Silicon Valley

    Beyond the demands of day-to-day dealings, though, Ms Guthrie's thesis is that women face unique challenges at the workplace

  • 11-Jun-2019 | Vikram Johri

    The art of happiness

    Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck, returns with a book that explores the connections between hope, pain and suffering

  • 07-May-2019 | Vikram Johri

    Debating the Muslim identity

    Ms Jalil is against the idea of conflating a community and its mores with a certain dress code or food habit

  • 18-Apr-2019 | Vikram Johri

    India's fake news story

    The book talks about how the Alt News team meticulously tracks the origins of fake news

  • 26-Mar-2019 | Vikram Johri

    Blaming the messenger

    Mr McNamee is right that a 15-year-old company got this powerful because it learnt how to get under the skin of its users

  • 12-Mar-2019 | Vikram Johri

    A hostage to Indian justice

    Mr Chandrakumar narrates details of prison life, from the abysmal conditions of the jail cell to the omnipresent threat of violence

  • 08-Mar-2019 | Vikram Johri

    Building on Balakot

    What changed after Pulwama? Partly it was the memory of the surgical strikes that kept hopes alive that some action would be taken

  • 02-Mar-2019 | Vikram Johri

    Reignited nepotism

    From brand endorsements to celebrity alliances, Bollywood is the ultimate ticket to fame, glamour and super success

  • 08-Feb-2019 | Vikram Johri

    The season of promises

    Together with the flow of middlemen landing in India from Dubai and the sustained efforts to bring Vijay Mallya home, the government will make the 2019 election a repeat of the 2014 one

  • 05-Feb-2019 | Vikram Johri

    'Real India' from the top down

    Mr Sharma charts the rise of the future prime minister through his third consecutive win in the Gujarat Assembly election of 2012.

  • 11-Jan-2019 | Vikram Johri

    Reserving the right to change

    Reservation is an albatross whose continuation under the current system risks creating deep fissures in our society

  • 05-Jan-2019 | Vikram Johri

    Gangs of the OTT War

    Nobody will mistake Mirzapur for real, unlike Kashyap's Dhanbad which was the centre of real mafia wars around coal mining

  • 14-Dec-2018 | Vikram Johri

    Anybody's game

    Will the results of the state polls have some bearing on the 2019 general elections?

  • 12-Dec-2018 | Vikram Johri

    GenNext in Indian politics

    In her profiles of Rahul Gandhi and Jyotiraditya Scindia, Ms Sahgal refuses to engage with the question of why these leaders' constituencies, Amethi and Guna respectively, continue to be backward

  • 08-Dec-2018 | Vikram Johri

    The dark horse of Bollywood

    Ayushmann Khurrana's rise from theatre actor to video jockey to Bollywood star is not the most uncommon template for Bollywood success, but it is his tenacity and choice of roles that are noteworthy