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Atanu Biswas

Atanu Biswas

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  • Deciphering the Indus mystery

    14-01-2022 23:27:00

    Professor Parpola's 1994 book, Deciphering the Indus Script, is built on his study of nearly 4,000 samples of the writing that survive, mainly on stamp seals and amulets

  • When AI debates AI

    22-12-2021 23:25:00

    The unknown possibilities of the future concerning self-learning AIs are thus limitless

  • Pandemic-hit Puja

    02-10-2021 00:04:00

    There's little doubt that the glitter of Bengal's Puja faded during the Covid-era

  • Opium nation 2.0

    03-09-2021 22:59:00

    Many believe that the war in Afghanistan was essentially an "opium war"

  • Economics of pandemic-affected Olympics

    16-07-2021 22:47:00

    Atanu Biswas tells you all about the economics of holding Olympic Games.

  • Exit polls close the gap with ads

    29-04-2021 23:43:00

    Skybus ads across newspapers in Assam by major political parties raise serious questions about the business of polling

  • A data-driven path to vaccine equity

    30-03-2021 23:59:00

    The relative weightage of economic activities and mortality may be a serious issue, which the policymakers should decide and the model can be rebuilt based on the country's perspective

  • Covid vaccine: How to ensure equitable distribution

    22-01-2021 22:23:00

    We need equity, not equality, in vaccine distribution, and that is maintained in India's plan with some sort of emphasis on the risk factor and also due recognition of the importance of health workers

  • Life after Covid vaccine

    23-12-2020 22:52:00

    With the virus mutating, can vaccines be assumed safe and effective in the long run?

  • Why vaccines can't be launched overnight

    16-07-2020 21:56:00

    Under normal circumstances, the development of new vaccines and treatments could take 10-20 years

  • Why we need to unlock 'intelligently'

    20-06-2020 20:55:00

    R0 values, or the average number of infections expected to be caused by a Covid carrier, vary between states, and have not stabilised. While unlocking, it would be wise to look at these variations

  • Covid-19: Testing more patients

    04-04-2020 02:01:00

    One of the major factors behind South Korea's success in fighting Covid-19 is the high rate of testing

  • Covid-19: Where do we stand now?

    24-03-2020 00:11:00

    As we are seeing in Italy, rapid growth rate of the epidemic makes the hospital and basic medical facilities exhausted in no time

  • Closing the gender gap

    07-03-2020 01:21:00

    The GII has been criticised for its complexity and difficulty in interpretation or understanding

  • A defeat or victory for pollsters?

    18-02-2020 21:11:00

    In contrast, there is a perception that pollsters did a smart job for the just-concluded Delhi Assembly election - perhaps because the opinion and the exit polls mostly predicted a victory for AAP.