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Claude Smadja

Claude Smadja

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  • A story of preordained failure

    28-05-2020 23:33:00

    US president has concluded that the scapegoating of China was the best way to distract attention from his inept attitude towards the pandemic

  • In a sea of red ink

    27-04-2020 23:36:00

    A lot of uncertainties remain on how, when, and at what total economic and social cost, this pandemic will be tamed

  • Exceptional crisis, exceptional responses

    26-03-2020 01:18:00

    Exceptional circumstances are sometimes the catalyst for exceptional leaders to emerge; they can also be extremely harsh for those who fail the leadership test.

  • In troubled economic environment, the proof of Budget will be in follow-up

    01-02-2020 22:05:00

    The significant tax alleviation measures and plan to boost agricultural sector and improve farmers' conditions should have a direct positive impact

  • It is all about global risk mitigation

    23-01-2020 23:44:00

    Anemic condition, or slowing down factors of different nature, continue to prevail in all major economies

  • Can US-China decoupling work?

    27-12-2019 01:19:00

    The Trump administration will have to wait for a new phase of negotiations to try to achieve its goal of bringing structural reforms in China's economic and trade policies

  • Beware of the unfolding Washington drama

    21-11-2019 23:44:00

    For the Democrats, the issue is that almost nothing that can be said or demonstrated about Mr Trump seems to be able to shake his core base of support

  • The clouds over 2020

    25-10-2019 02:06:00

    The last few months have brought us an avalanche of downgraded forecasts from all international and private sector financial institutions and think tanks

  • Beijing's message on an iconic anniversary

    27-09-2019 00:31:00

    China is grappling with three immediate challenges of sustaining economic growth at a socially and politically acceptable level, of dealing with the Trump administration and of Hong Kong

  • Trade wars can be lost. Guess by whom?

    28-08-2019 23:51:00

    Trump can use all the superlatives he wants about the state of the American economy, but this does not prevent the slowdown

  • These men are dangerous

    26-07-2019 01:58:00

    Both the American president and the new British prime minister are leading deeply divided, polarised countries, uncertain about their future and agitated by strong populist currents

  • No 'Big Bang', it's a pro-growth and pro-entrepreneurship Budget

    05-07-2019 20:35:00

    Will Modi 2.0 prove to be an exception after having achieved such a decisive mandate?

  • Trade as a weapon or as a boomerang?

    19-06-2019 23:21:00

    Washington has now become the rogue elephant in the china shop

  • Who is truly afraid of the bully?

    15-05-2019 00:58:00

    Donald Trump is putting himself in the very difficult situation of either following up on his bullying or losing face and credibility

  • Could this giant get clay feet?

    17-04-2019 00:57:00

    In the present global context it would take very little additional headwind for Europe's number one economy to slide into recession by year-end