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Nitin Desai

Nitin Desai

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  • Towards a coherent development strategy

    28-06-2022 23:06:00

    Development initiatives need a grand vision that reflects political concerns, challenges and opportunities

  • Reforming the NITI Aayog

    16-05-2022 23:56:00

    The policy think tank must move beyond research and programme planning to long-term strategy formulation

  • The march of folly

    28-04-2022 22:35:00

    India should work for an alliance of like-minded neutral states to restrain the adversaries in the new Cold War

  • Lifestyles for climate justice

    29-03-2022 22:38:00

    A change in consumption patterns of the rich is as essential for climate mitigation as supply-side innovations and even more crucial for climate justice

  • Legitimacy and the Ukraine invasion

    27-02-2022 23:17:00

    Russia's actions are predictable but illegitimate

  • Tax when you want to spend

    30-01-2022 23:05:00

    Raise the tax-GDP ratio to finance rising revenue expenditure

  • The capital market: Then and now

    28-12-2021 22:24:00

    The financial sector has been transformed, but the financing outcomes are not as different as they need to be

  • Climate justice must drive climate action

    22-11-2021 23:17:00

    Big emitters must reconsider their stated net-zero date and specify a credible action plan

  • Climate treaty must lead to action

    25-10-2021 23:14:00

    An agreed destination is not enough. There must be an agreed road map

  • Net-zero is not enough

    27-09-2021 23:18:00

    Global climate agreement must be about the allocation of available carbon space

  • Key priorities for employment policy

    30-08-2021 22:30:00

    Measures that generate income for the poor are more important than tweaking the applicability threshold for labour laws

  • Govt must not micromanage

    28-07-2021 22:27:00

    The Centre should focus on broad policy framework rather than micromanaging industrial and developmental activities

  • The post-Covid economy

    28-06-2021 22:51:00

    There is a strong case for the government to shift its attention from the economy to public service management

  • The great divide

    27-05-2021 22:08:00

    After the epidemic, we will again cater to the interests of the privileged class and keep the underprivileged quiet with handouts

  • Warming of climate diplomacy

    29-04-2021 00:12:00

    Global climate diplomacy must focus on accelerated 2030 goals rather than net-zero target dates