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Nitin Desai

Nitin Desai

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  • Warming of climate diplomacy

    29-04-2021 00:12:00

    Global climate diplomacy must focus on accelerated 2030 goals rather than net-zero target dates

  • Political culture

    28-03-2021 23:32:00

    A country as diverse as ours needs a political culture rooted in constitutional values and political discourse based on truth, respect, civility, and restraint

  • Adapting to a warming world

    22-02-2021 23:43:00

    Climate change requires agility in the institutions and policies that shape ecosystem use

  • Agri market reforms ignore reality

    18-01-2021 22:54:00

    A free market-based system does not reflect the diversity of the Indian agro-economy or the interests of small farmers

  • Manufacturing : From laggard to leader

    14-12-2020 23:26:00

    We need policies to promote export-oriented backward integration and linked development of technological capacity

  • Socialising social media

    17-11-2020 01:52:00

    Online media platforms must be regulated to protect the public from lies that polarise society

  • Auction of public resources and profit

    19-10-2020 23:30:00

    Any sale must be designed to serve the common good, not to maximise revenues

  • Rescuing the economy

    21-09-2020 23:19:00

    Ensure price support for agriculture, subsidise wage costs of MSMEs and accelerate public construction activities

  • Education for the future

    24-08-2020 23:51:00

    India needs to liberate education from political control and give institutions the autonomy needed to innovate

  • Nature in peril

    13-07-2020 21:48:00

    Nature can protect us only if we protect it - that is the simple truth this government needs to recognise

  • Period piece pleasures

    23-06-2020 23:14:00

    There are several novelists who have set their detective stories in this period when the freedom movement was taking roots in India

  • Recovering from the Covid epidemic

    15-06-2020 23:56:00

    The fiscal conservatism of the finance ministry means growth revival will take longer and may not be seen till late in the next fiscal year or even later

  • Covid-19: What India needs right now is a programme to help the destitute

    18-05-2020 22:57:00

    The need of the hour is a rehabilitation programme for those trapped in destitution or near-bankruptcy by the lockdown

  • Governance & politics

    24-03-2020 00:06:00

    Neither the Nehru-era approach nor the Chinese model is right for India. It needs to create room for the private sector

  • Institutional reforms

    16-02-2020 23:24:00

    The government must now step back from direct engagement in the economy and focus on correcting market and social distortions