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Nitin Desai

Nitin Desai

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  • Covid-19: What India needs right now is a programme to help the destitute

    18-05-2020 22:57:00

    The need of the hour is a rehabilitation programme for those trapped in destitution or near-bankruptcy by the lockdown

  • Governance & politics

    24-03-2020 00:06:00

    Neither the Nehru-era approach nor the Chinese model is right for India. It needs to create room for the private sector

  • Institutional reforms

    16-02-2020 23:24:00

    The government must now step back from direct engagement in the economy and focus on correcting market and social distortions

  • Nirmala Sitharaman's Budget 2020 is a disappointment at many levels

    01-02-2020 23:02:00

    We may well end up with the same budgetary mess that we have experienced this year

  • Socio-political stability and growth

    19-01-2020 23:28:00

    Growth prospects are threatened by citizenship proposals, which are leading to Centre-state confrontation, social strife, and disruption of working people's lives

  • Protecting a people's democracy

    22-12-2019 23:36:00

    The executive branch should not have the power to appoint public officials whose role is to protect the Constitution and prevent executive overreach

  • Boost labour income to revive growth

    24-11-2019 23:41:00

    The principal demand impetus for growth comes from the bottom half of income distribution

  • Restoring high growth

    07-10-2019 23:10:00

    Look beyond large corporations and release the growth potential of farmers and small entrepreneurs

  • The geopolitics of climate action

    05-08-2019 01:18:00

    The command of climate-friendly technologies will become the source of geopolitical power in the future

  • Accelerating growth

    07-07-2019 23:49:00

    An export-led backward integration strategy for manufacturing and business services is essential for accelerating economic growth

  • Unrealistic revenue projections

    05-07-2019 22:15:00

    In all probability, the end of the year will see the same jugglery with the subsidy payments that we saw this year to keep the deficit figure on target

  • A growth Budget

    09-06-2019 23:51:00

    The Budget speech must include reform measures for PSU banks, a commitment to boost PSU bank lending, and specific measures to resolve the problems faced by NBFCs

  • The next election

    13-05-2019 00:19:00

    A broad-based coalition would be better to protect dissent and diversity and a cooperative federalism that joins the Centre and the states in shared decision making

  • On the electoral process

    14-04-2019 23:56:00

    Laws, codes of conduct for elections and their implementation by an independent Election Commission are only the beginning

  • Self-reliance in defence

    18-03-2019 00:29:00

    The design, development and production of defence equipment must be indigenised for strategic independence