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Premvir Das

Premvir Das

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  • Limitations of defence diplomacy

    14-03-2020 20:24:00

    With its stock nowhere near what it was a year ago, New Delhi has turned to defence as a lever of foreign policy - a strategy that can at best yield limited dividends

  • Ambitious goals for defence

    13-02-2020 23:51:00

    If India is to have any chance of doubling exports, it must first recognise exports and production are two sides of the same coin

  • The importance of Bangladesh

    21-12-2019 20:21:00

    Bangladesh is a key littoral on our eastern seaboard. Given Delhi's Indo-Pacific aspirations, friendly relations with Dhaka are critical to India's interests

  • Uniform is not just a dress but an ethos

    26-11-2019 01:13:00

    Careful thought has to be given by the decision-makers on the needs of those serving in the police force

  • Self-reliance in defence is a long way away

    19-10-2019 19:58:00

    Two categories of Make in India are underway in the defence sector

  • A strategy for the seas: Why India has to get its maritime power going

    14-09-2019 21:28:00

    With Chinese warships maintaining a near-permanent presence in the Indian Ocean, India needs to beef up its navy and become a key player in the region

  • The CDS is now a reality

    16-08-2019 01:11:00

    Integral to the Chief of Defence Staff concept is the placement of operational theatre commands under his charge

  • Missing links in India's defence readiness

    18-07-2019 21:09:00

    Since the bulk of the military resources is consumed by revenue expenditure, modernisation will remain a distant dream

  • China is the real threat

    08-06-2019 21:14:00

    A country's security has many dimensions, of which the military angle is only one; yet it is the most crucial

  • Needed: A de novo assessment of capability

    12-05-2019 21:45:00

    Naval Assemblies are more than just about pomp and show

  • Quad has little relevance to India

    02-03-2019 20:18:00

    As a strategic necessity, the quadrilateral grouping comprising India, the United States, Japan and Australia is an idea whose time has yet to come

  • Damning HAL will get us nowhere

    19-01-2019 20:41:00

    Wisdom lies in giving Hindustan Aeronautics every encouragement. The Air Force should work closely with it, just as the Navy does with public sector ship-building enterprises

  • More to it than meets the eye

    03-11-2018 19:45:00

    Defence procurement has been bedevilled by controversy for decades, despite quality not being an issue

  • Boost security cooperation with Russia

    09-10-2018 20:45:00

    Defence purchases must always form part of the larger strategic relationships and not treated as something of a "stand-alone" as we have tended to do in the past

  • Pak fixation can be counterproductive

    12-09-2018 20:47:00

    Our focus should be on things that can propel us towards our long-term goal of becoming a major world power